The first picture generated 20k likes and the last generated around 8k

2017 has been the year of ups and downs, mostly for my inner peace. It will take me to write a long ass post to tell you guys about what I’ve been dealing with this year, but anyway I am doing much much better now compared to me in March/April, just constantly having a quarter life crisis and searching for what happiness really is for me, and seriously my wish for 2018 is for my soul to be happier (and of course to travel more and to be able to bless others too), my tacky wishes are genuinely what I want.

Ever since Instagram applied their new algorithm, my Instagram wasn’t what it used to be. I used to have the average of 6-8k likes per photo but now it’s a struggle to even reach that amount, but one thing for sure I am still doing what I like, still posting what I want to post and not stressing myself so much about getting tons of likes because I will never let the number of likes define me. That’s stupid.

I don’t know whether I have achieved a lot among 2017 or maybe achieving goals is not even my main focus at the moment, and that includes my traveling goals too. If you’ve been following me for quite some time you should know how I am always so eager when it comes to traveling the globe but this year somehow I have not been travelling much, well I still travel at least once per month for the sake of sanity but compared to 2015/2016 back then I could travel at least 2/3 times per month, maybe I am just bored, getting older, or maybe I am too tired to travel (because 2017 has been my busiest year so far) I don’t even know, but at the moment as I look back while typing this post I just have a lot to be grateful for, the chance to be alive and how I cope with my anxiety better and better, the loving and caring family, wonderful partner and friends, the jobs and all those little things that matter.

Anyway cheers to everyone reading this right now, and for those who are like me, I hope 2018 is the year where you get to find your happiness and love (or maybe travel more)! I genuinely wish you’ll find out what makes you happy and for you to know what you really want in life. ALWAYS BELIEVE IN YOURSELF as you are the problem as well as the solution! I love you!