If you’re an avid fan of rumput laut (seaweed) snack raise your hands and also you’re on the right entry because I am going to share to you guys about one of my favorite seaweed snacks on the market right now, and that is Mamasuka Rumput Laut and here I’m also giving my two cents about the product!

To begin with, are you familiar with the product/the brand? Gotta enlighten you all with a little background of this product! The company claims to outsource the seaweed straight from Korea (and freshness guaranteed), they grill the seaweed to get the crunchiness while still keeping it rich in fiber, vitamin and LOW IN CALORIE, short to say, enjoyable and safe for everyone.

Anyway How do you like your seaweed snacks? Light? Crunchy? Uber-crunchy? Salty? For me personally, Mamasuka Rumput Laut has the right combination of elements like flavor and texture, first, they have two variants: Original and Spicy and both shared the same texture: light with a crunch, the original one is salty yet light and even after having packs after packs you don’t get thirsty easily, but if you ask me to name my favorite then it has to be the spicy one as it has more kick of flavor and of course that addicting spicy-savory flavor that will keep you (at least me) wanting back for MORE AND MOREEEEE!!!

Now I am going to share you guys three reasons why I love the Mamasuka Rumput Laut!
Of course, this has to be the main reason to love a product especially from a consumer POV! As what I’ve explained above they have two variants and both are delicious in their own way and cater both preference: who can and can not do spicy food.

This is legit honest, it’s so addicting that I didn’t realize I actually finished 6 packs in less than 15 minutes while being on my “Netflix and chill” mode, the spicy one can make you crave for water because it’s pretty spicy, but that aside, absolutely delicious!
2. You can mix it with your favorite food!
Here’s another terrific thing about this snack, not only that you can munch it right way, the fact is that I can actually have this with some of my favorite comfort food like rice/soup/pasta or anything you want really as one of the condiments and fillings, or as dressing, most importantly for that hint of flavor and texture that could elevate and enhance the dish!
3. Perfect as on-the-go snacks!
I am a snack person and I carry snacks everywhere (usually candies biscuits/jerky beef bites) and have them in my car while being struck by traffic and boredom, or even sometimes when I’m in a coffeeshop! I know I shouldn’t be eating at coffee shops but I can’t help to secretly munch this when I’m actually sitting for hours working of projects (but don’t worry I ALWAYS order the in-house food and beverages I swear!).
So is Mamasuka Rumput Laut snack EATANDTREATS APPROVED? In a way YES! I’m searching for something to dislike about this snack but can’t seem to find one, I mean it’s tasty, it’s salty and it’s simple, just enjoyable at anytime, for those who haven’t tried this before, go get one at your nearest minimarts/supermarkets!