I am supposed to be in Bali until the 10th but the unexpected and unfortunate earthquake occurred a few days ago in Lombok! I was in my car with some friends and we thought we were crossing the bridge or something hence the shaky car, but people started screaming and getting out of the car and that moment I knew earthquake was happening! I swear it was one of the worst earthquakes I’ve ever experienced: some buildings were destroyed, a lot of flights from & to Lombok were delayed/cancelled, 82 people died and the next morning I woke up to a text from my mom where she attached a screenshot of a plane ticket and I had to go back today, so I am now back safe and sound in Jakarta but my prayers are for everyone in Bali and Lombok right now.

So I went to Bali because my dear friends Jie and Jack invited me to go on this program they created called Voyagers Bali 2018 and it was fun! I had good time, made new friends, it was a three day trip but I extended two more days (initially 5 days) on my own, and as expected everytime I travel with Jie and Jack: SO MUCH EATING happened! I legit gain weight, so before I start this post, thank you Jie and Jack for making this trip happen.
Disclaimer: the team provided me with airplane tickets and accomodation but I received no monetary compensation and in no way they ever told me to say good things about everything.

I love making this food diary series and I noticed a lot of you liked it too! The last Singapore Food Diary blog post got more than 30.000 hits from the first day I posted that, just happy to give you guides on what to eat and indulge at certain destinations that I travelled to, and I’m going to talk about all the restaurants and cafes that I visited in Bali for your future food guide and I hope our taste matches. List is sorted based on the time of visit.
Gang Kecapi No. 7
Petitenget, Seminyak
This was my first time to Atlas but I’ve honestly heard about this restaurant from some friends but never visited. Atlas is located at this alley in Petitenget Seminyak and very close to Revolver Baby. The restaurant was not the most spacious but I somehow love the private & homey vibe of this restaurant, along with the simple and neat interior. So what to eat here? I highly recommend the Char Kway Teow for it has everything that I like: bold seasoning, wok hei smokey aroma & flavor, fresh prawns toppings and spicy chili on the side for preference. I also enjoyed their Roti Canai a lot, then the Honey Butter Chicken Waffle and of course, THE THREE MUSKETEERS which I highly recommend everyone to order!!! It’s basically consist of three proteins in one plate, mainly pork and chicken meant to be shared (but if you can go solo you do you darling!). Overall, the price range for the F&B is also pretty affordable here, starting from IDR 30k for the food and coffee.
Char Kway Teow – IDR 55k
Roti Canai (left), Soft Shell Crab Angel Hair (right) – not the biggest fan of the salted egg sauce it was lacking flavor.
Three Musketeers! MUST MUST TRY!!!
Prawn Curry Noodle – IDR 59k
Jalan Batu Belig gg. Daksina No. 1
Batu Belig, Seminyak
Cabina is a… wait I don’t know how to describe Cabina because it’s like this combo of cafe, restaurant and semi beach club in the same time, but anyway it’s located around Batu Belig/Canggu area and one that I’ve visited 5 times so far, I think the fame of their pretty place sometimes overshadows the fact that they actually offer good food here. I’ve had almost everything from the light bites to the main courses and I must say that most of their food perform well, even though not the kind of food that you would go to Bali for, particularly on the latest visit I tried their Grilled BBQ Ribs and I must say I was quite impressed! The meat was unbelievably juicy, the sauce seasoning was super generous, the ribs were fatty but not overly crazy too, based on that virgin trial, approved.
Jalan Kayu Aya No. 3
I don’t know why I’ve never been to The Junction House before while it has been there in the main street of Seminyak the whole freaking time, but I finally did since it was a part of the itinerary! Long story short did I leave with a happy tummy? Not exactly. Based on the visit that morning, the food here has misses here and there, even after having faith from looking at how well the food was presented and set, some of the food were bland, some were overly salty, but I believe they can do better tho as I think the dessert was the most favorite thing that I had from The Junction House.
…anyway gotta admit that the venue itself is GORGEOUS. The first floor had this living room vibe to it while the second floor was more lounge like with this interesting library like backdrop for your OOTD shots!

Jalan Kayu Aya
Now I’ve been to Batik several times in my life and I gotta say that each visit has not disappoint, it’s the restaurant that I go to whenever I am craving for good Asian food in Seminyak but don’t feel like going to Mamasan. I really like their Tom Yum and Laksa here (my regular orders but I didn’t have that on this particular visit), Batik is owned by the same owner who owns The Junction House, but Batik serves more local and Asian cuisine. I was craving for Nasi Campur for lunch that day so I had this festive Nasi Campur (pic below) and it was not bad at all, the key is to have the ingredients fresh and the flavors to be properly bold for my local palate and they did a good job delivering it.

Batik is also a restaurant with such beautiful interior 

Jalan Pantai Berawa
On the day of my visit to Finns, I had no freakin idea that it was also the first day Finns VIP was being opened for public! I think as the name suggests it’s sort of clear that Finns VIP is the more lavish version of Finns Beach Club and I can second that with their IDR 4 mil ($350) minimum charge per table here, maybe since I came on the very first day, there weren’t many people packing the spot and I noticed there were only four tables occupied, but yes it did feel very private with this sense of exclusivity that maybe some would fancy.
I have been to Finns probably three times in my life but I have never actually tried their food, but hey there’s always the first time for everything right! I was quite surprised that the food in Finns was actually above what I expected! The pizzas were good, the nachos were ginormous and addicting (literally couldn’t stop munching!) and the Falafel was pretty delicious too. I am very skeptical towards beach club food because most of the time they were so bad, like so so bad and shouldn’t even be sold in the first place, but Finns’ food really changed my perspective, at least restored it a bit.
I had the classic Mojito that day and boy it was refreshing!
Jalan Petitenget No. 866A
Petitenget, Seminyak
Fat Turtle was one of the most impressive meals I’ve had among the trip, it was such an improvement for me and a pretty drastic one! This particular visit was my third time to the cafe and even Jack said the same thing about the improvement, I used to not understand the hype of their Red Velvet Pancake but it’s now SO GOOD and actually worth raving, the food that I didn’t think I would love that much was the Beetroot Fried Rice! It was seasoned so nicely without it tasting much like beetroot (because gross, honestly) and the waffles here are UH-MA-ZING!!! The texture of the Nutella Waffle (didn’t snap a pic) that I had was so crispy on the outside yet so moist, fluffy and airy on the inside. YOU GOT ME FAT TURTLE!!!
Jalan Dharmawangsa No. 19A
Nusa Dua
This restaurant in Nusa Dua has just opened for two weeks (as this post is written) and based on my visit, it was a pleasant surprise and overall, above what I thought it would serve!

Here’s the thing, and maybe I am not alone in this, I can’t help not to judge a place from its cover, even when sometimes my palate says otherwise after tasting the food, for example when a restaurant is super fancy and high end on the design, I had a good feeling that the food must be as good as how the interior represents, like they’re willing to spend a lot on interior they must have prepared the same thing for the food, well often yes but not always, The Public Gourmet design was so simple, that it’s almost unconvincing, but I do love the Instagenic wall with mural illustration on the backdrop, but as soon as I tried their food, especially their crazy good Bakmi Goreng Tek Tek and Chicken Leg Sambal Kunyit, I was IMPRESSED! The Bakmie was really without being hyperbolic whatsoever, one of THE BEST ones compared to the restaurants on the same league, even much much better than Biku! The Chicken Leg Sambal Kunyit happened to be my personal favorite and MUST ORDER here, the sambal was so tasty, fragrant and spicy but works so well with the very well seasoned chicken and rice!!! 

Jalan Letda Tantular No. 7
Just because Seminyak and Canggu are highly popular for their trending cafes, that doesn’t mean the good ones are only limited to both areas! That day we surfed Denpasar and Sanur area and found quite hidden gems with much to offer. First stop: Two Fat Monks in Denpasar! The venue was spacious and beautifully designed to create this homey, lush yet family cafe vibe where it’s so comfortable to chill around. The food options here are quite various: Local, Asian and Western feast with ridiculously affordable price tag (starting from IDR 30k)!!! Oh, I also have to point out that the coffee here is GOOD, so if you’re not feeling the heavy meals, making the trip for the coffee is worth it. Scroll down to see some of my favorites!
Trio Pork Belly – IDR 95k
OH MY GOODNESS! A FUCKIN MUST TRY! Pork Belly all cooked in various ways: you got the grilled, roasted and Hong style pork belly, all super delicious but my favorite was the one in the middle, classic roasted pork belly with beautiful crunchy skin and tender meat!
Left: Pork Satay with Jasmine Rice, Salad and Soup
Right: Beef Salad 
BBQ Pork Ribs – IDR 120k (Full Slab)
Their pork ribs were also very good! Everything I want on a good pork ribs (or for a pork rib to be good for me): perfectly cooked tender meat, beautiful marination and glazing, the two kinds of sambal on the side were beautiful but since I love sambal matah more than anything I am rooting for it!!! For IDR 120k it’s pretty affordable.
Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 274
Drove to Sanur to find good coffee and stumbled upon this coffee shop and eatery called Milestone, let’s just say that here we got a little more than we planned for, intially just coffee and desserts but a lot of food came out, there really was no time to pause when travelling with Jie and Jack FML!!! To be frank with you guys since I was still super full from Two Fat Monks, I just sampled some of the dishes and found some to be stunningly good like their Teriyaki Chicken (OMG the texture of the chicken is ridiculously tender almost like they’re sous vide) and their assorted waffles, well coffee and waffle always work for me! As for their coffee, I think they’re pretty good, more to the acidic kind and smooth aftertaste.
Anyway I posted about Milestone on Instagram and I got a lot of replies from you guys asking me to try Simply Brew that’s located next to Milestone, okay next time for sure. Thanks guys!!!
Pertokoan Niaga Nusa Dua
Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 77
When it comes to fulfil the crave for good porridge and dim sum in Bali, one of the best and more affordable options has got to be Warung Laota, for sure, period. A lot of options, food that doesn’t disappoint, simple, tasty, fulfilling, almost can’t go wrong. Nuff said!
When it comes to Vegan cafes in Bali, particularly around Seminyak/Canggu, one of my favorites has got to be Peloton Supershop! Their food is REALLY GOOD I can’t decide which one is my favorite and I love the friendly service too! I always go with their Vegan Nasi Campur (Tour de Bali), but if I may recommend also try their healthy bowls, Tricken Schnitzel Burger (keep in mind it’s vegan but so fuckin good), Lettuce Tacos, Sweet Potato Fries on the side, and of course, their Coconut Milk Coffee! Price range for the food here is around IDR 30k-85k!
Tour de Bali – IDR 55k
At the very moment, Parachute is one of the hottest/most popular new restaurant in Canggu and a lot of things to back this up! First of all, their unique beautiful place that’s almost like this blend of minimalist, gypsy, homey and modern in the same, but above all… THE FOOD. I have been to Parachute 4 times since it opened two months ago and I always eat here and left with a little purple heart knowing their pretty consistent with their food, must order? Pork Ribs and Octopus Aioli (available for dinner)! Some of their pastries were okay and some were outstanding like their Cheesetart and their Cream Filled Donuts
I just feel the need to have one very good Babi Guling before departing back to Jakarta and Jie recommended me to try this newly opened Babi Guling around Umalas area called Babi Moglong! It has just opened for two months (as this post is written), first impression was about how clean the restaurant is and I LOVE the fact that since it’s located around Umalas and next to Nook, guaranteed you’ll have this lush paddy field view for your eyes while having their Babi Guling! Their Nasi Babi Guling is IDR 30k/portion which is cheap compared to its peers AND it was LEGIT! SOOOOOO GOOD probably my new favorite! One thing that I notice about their Babi Guling is that everything feels clean, the meat was fresh and clean but with generous Bali seasoning, the lawar is also very fresh, the pork skin was golden and crunchy, it’s almost like everything is made to order! I don’t mind the extra waiting time if I know everytime I’m here I am getting a Babi Guling this good! The Babi Goreng is also recommended, such a portion of savory goodness: tender fresh pork with spicy sambal matah on top. YUM!!!
Oh Bali is just like my second home, it’s the place I go where I need peace…and of course, good food, I don’t know why but I constantly have this feeling of missing Bali the whole time even when I go there very often, Jakarta is the place where I work for my life but Bali is where I want to spend my life at, I don’t know yet, if this feeling is temporary, we’ll see, life!
Special thanks for Jie and Jack for arranging such a wonderful trip and for having me as a part of it, glad to have such wonderful friends like you!