This post has been highly requested and I’ve actually wanted to post this on my blog since a few weeks ago, but when it comes to skincare reviews I wanna give the products at least two weeks trial to find out what I like and dislike about the products, and fast forward since the day I got these rosehip oils, it’s been a month already and here I am finally doing the review, comparison and have a fair judgement towards these two highly popular products!

Besides the impressions, one of the most frequently asked questions about these rosehip oils is WHERE DID I GET THEM? When I threw the question on my Instagram Stories I think 90% of you told me to go get them at Benscrub (and which I did) and I’m gladly recommending you guys to order from them too simply for the good experience that I had with them, the admin/customer service was friendly and I got the product in my hands in a fairly short time, but one thing that you guys have to remember is that these rosehip oils SELL OUT FAST! So I suggest following their Instagram account to keep yourself updated with their stocks or new arrivals.

Lately I’ve been hearing A LOT about rosehip oils and since I follow some Indonesian beauty gurus I’ve seen a lot of them raved about this product too, and since it’s a cold-pressed products (just like the juices) the production process of the oil doesn’t involve any heat to make sure they don’t let go the main qualities of the ingredients which can be beneficial for human skin and in this case the rosehip.

Rosehip oil is rich in Linoleic Acid, Pro-Vitamin A, C, E, and believed to help the recovery of the face like reduces redness, increases moisture, firming the skin, treating wrinkles and fading scars, and that’s what I am aiming for as the last two months my skin was on its worst due to the stress, after years of no encounter with such, my skin was on its driest, especially at the nose, mouth and eyebrow area, they would peel and irritated.

I watched quite a few YouTube videos and I notice there’s no significant rule of application, some people prefer wearing is after washing their face in the morning, some prefer using it as ‘moisturizer’ before makeup, some even mix it with their makeup, but I personally have been wearing it at night after washing my face and let it sit overnight.

The recommended amount is about 5-6 drops for the whole face and neck. 2-3 drops are just too little for me.

Left: Trilogy, Right: The Ordinary
Pretty much the same consistency and the same yellow-ish color, but maybe as I paid deep attention, the Trilogy one is just slightly SLIGHTLY thicker.


Left: Trilogy, Right: The Ordinary

The box packaging of both products is clean and simple, but somehow I like The Ordinary one better for the white color: it’s just so neat, clean and expensive looking with a hint of hipster, Trilogy’s box packaging is this red color that looks exactly like the one on the bottle label (above). Wanted to show you guys the box packaging but it was not at its neatest as I expected when they arrived and I chose not to show it here, anyhow you can always google.

As for the bottle, The Ordinary’s bottle is clear and UV protected, while Trilogy’s is frosted with another layer, almost like this doff-matte layer.

The Ordinary’s Cold Pressed Rosehip Oil – IDR 289k/30 ml
Trilogy Rosehip Oil – IDR 329k/20 ml

…of course when you buy them directly from Australia/New Zealand they would be way cheaper than the reseller price.

If you really care about the bang for your buck, even before we get to the actual product review I’ll quickly recommend you to go get The Ordinary for you’re paying cheaper and getting more in a bottle, like 10 ml difference.

Here’s the inside scoop from the Benscrub admin when I was deciding whether to get either The Ordinary/Trilogy (but ended up choosing both lol), the admin told me that both products consist of THE SAME ingredient, BOTH PRODUCTS ARE FRAGRANCE FREE AND TOTALLY VEGAN TOO!

What I did was applying The Ordinary on the left side of my face and Trilogy on the right side of my face for a month, let them sit overnight and nothing else, during the day I would be using Laneige products evenly on my face, the dryness of my face occurs pretty much on the both side of my face so what a time to really test out the product!
Okay, let’s start from the feel of application, this has happened for quite some time (and I initially thought it’s a one-time thing) and I feel like Trilogy oil indeed has slightly thicker consistency compared to The Ordinary and it glides on my skin better and smoother, but not that much of significance to be honest and both products actually absorb to the face pretty damn well, just somehow the thicker feel of Trilogy’s enough to make me feel like they probably have more moisture infused, but is that so? Keep reading.
I notice that after one month of application the redness on my face started to fade (but NOT gone), they control the oil very well and evenly, can’t talk about the wrinkles because I don’t think I have one at the moment in my 20s, the dry patches is still there (I honestly don’t see a lot of recovery) and the most significant pleasure is I like how I look when I wake up, I didn’t look like greasy fried chicken and there’s this one time when I woke up and realized that my skin was matte but not dry.
After that one month of application, I started drifting back to my Sulwhasoo products (which until this day is one of the most life-changing products) and the dry patches were gone in three freaking days I’m not even kidding it’s medicinal damnit, but again the price difference is too significant, Sulwhasoo is FREAKING EXPENSIVE.
For the sake of ‘coba-coba’, why not? Some of my friends and actually A LOT OF YOU from Instagram have experienced drastic upgrade of their faces after using the oil, but somehow for me it’s more like the products to maintain, but not exactly life-changing. Up until today I still apply the oils regularly every night but more to The Trilogy one simply because I personally think I like Trilogy better for those reasons I can’t explain, but I just feel good when applying it.
Short to say, both products are good and almost similar, and again for the sake of ‘coba-coba’ go get The Ordinary for more bang for your buck, slightly cheaper than The Trilogy but more products that you’ll get.
Thank you for reading!