Birdman is a Japanese restaurant owned by the Immigrant group (which also heads ventures like Monolog, Immigrant, Olivier, Garcon and more), and Birdman been around for quite some time (if I’m not mistaken, almost a year now), but a couple of weeks ago I finally got the chance to visit this restaurant for the first time and sharing the experience to you here. Birdman is located at PARC 18 SCBD, at the same area where Bistecca and The Dutch are.
Simple and minimalist are the main idea of their interior from what I see through my eyes, the restaurant is not the most spacious, and decorated in such a simple way, but I kinda like the warm and chill vibe from the restaurant, somehow matches the concept of the restaurant and the kind of food it presents here. The whole restaurant could probably accommodate around 40-50 people.

Salmon Poke Salad
A fresh starter to the lunch that day! Marinated fresh salmon with avocado on daikon bed and nori dressing, it was the right amount of salmon, properly seasoned, altogether light yet kinda prepared your palate for something more.

Left: Salmon Poke Onigiri (IDR 85k)
Right: Tebagyo Original (IDR 75k)
The Salmon Poke Onigiri is PURE LOVE! Fried square shaped onigiri (which by the way was perfectly fried) then topped with fresh salmon with spicy mayo dressing! Each bite was like this explosion of flavor and texture, a simple yet flavorful nibbles, the Tebagyo was chunky, I mean take a look at those fat chicken wings! Meat was tender, the soy seasoning was generous but not overly given.

Gyutan Lunch Set – IDR 120k
The set comes with gyutandon (rice topped with ox tongue), salad, miso soup, pickles and Kimchi mayo sauce! If you ask me frankly, IDR 120k for the whole thing is a bit to the hefty side, but quality wise, acceptable. The gyutan was fragrant, fresh, tender and pretty generously given, but for IDR 120k I honestly wanted more.

Whole Galbi (1 KG) – IDR 680k
Now to one of the highlights of Birdman! Just as appetizing as it looks: WHOLE 1 KG GALBI! The Galbi is marinated in this sweet soy marination, served with grilled vegetables, eggyolk and dipping sauce, and seriously the way you serve it is however you fancy. The Galbi was perfectly cooked (asked for Medium) and as you can see, the shining pink center! Meat was tender enough and since it’s a 1 kg serving, you can definitely share this with up to 5-6 people, but if you’re insane enough you can finish this yourself.

Unagi Claypot – IDR 398k

Another favorite of mine and another menu that you can share! UNAGI CLAYPOT! Generous beautifully cooked unagi on this bed of Japanese rice that’s been cooked together with dashi stock and Sansho pepper. I think this time the picture does the justice and as you can see, the unagi was so nicely cooked, and the caramel golden color was so beautiful it’s appetizing, they were moist but not wet, the rice was also not overly cooked hence it wasn’t soggy, and the key, aka the dashi stock was also seasoned rightly, it wasn’t overly salty.

12 pcs Yakitori – IDR 220k
If you’re more into the Izakaya style dining and fancy sharing, then go with their 12 pcs Yakitori menu where you can enjoy 12 yakitori menus, and from the pictures displayed below: mostly chicken and pork, again, the picture should do the justice as the sauce glaze was reflective enough to make you believe that they are GOOD!
Based on my virgin visit to Birdman, I must say that most of the food live up to my standard, they were simple (which I genuinely like), major on ingredients, attentive yet easy on the seasoning, and universal for all, I just hope that they can always keep up with the consistency and quality.
Parc 18 Tower 2, GF
Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Senayan, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12190
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Dresscode: none
Average spending for two: IDR 300k


Map for Birdman