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Excited to share you about this newly opened Korean restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) which is currently one of my top favorites in the neighborhood, and it’s originated from the ginseng country itself! Ladies and gents, I give you GOOBNE! Korea’s uber popular oven-roasted chicken specialist! In Korea alone, they already have more than …

food blog jakarta indonesian food blogger kanpai jakarta kanpai pik kanpai sushi hiro new restaurant jakarta new cafe jakarta where to eat in PIK


Sushi Hiro group just can’t stop with the surprises, can they? Following successful ventures like Sushi Hiro, Sushi Go and Santhai, now they’re adding Kanpai to the list, and I am pretty sure that they’re going to be a hit soon! Kanpai is located just few shops away from Sushi Hiro, both align at Rukan …