If you ask me to name my favorite suki restaurants in Jakarta, well I have a few, but one of the strongest on my list has got to be COCA RESTAURANT! Not too long ago they opened their latest branch in Citywalk, finally a closer one to home!

The Thailand originated Suki restaurant has been my favorite for quite some time now and it’s mainly because of the quality that speaks for itself. Being an avid fan of Tom Yum (and since I often opt for Tom Yum soup), so far I haven’t found Tom Yum soup that’s better than Coca and that complements all the ingredient better than Coca’s, well again it’s all about preference, maybe some of my readers don’t like Tom Yum at all and that’s completely fine.
So what differentiates this branch to their other branches? For me, this one is the simplified version of their other branches and honestly built to cater those who fancy hassle free lunch (office workers, lunch meetings, etc.), quick scan of their menu and I found that the pricing’s also slightly cheaper here with options that are less, but not significant! They even have this shabu package for lunch which is priced fairly at IDR 80k.
The ala cartes are also affordable, ranges from IDR 37k-50k! Expect to find selections of Thai rice dishes, noodle, kwayteow. For those who are feeling a bit extra and wanted to indulge on roasted duck, they also have one here but I didn’t get the chance to try it on my visit (but I did try the duck rice maybe it’s the same kind). I found the menu online so you can click on the photo below to enlarge and check out!
Crispy Fish Salad – IDR 31k
An appetizer that’s affordable and tasty in the same time! The salad was fresh & altogether has this right balance of flavor and that hint of tanginess that I absolutely like!
Tom Yum Soup Base – IDR 80k
To be frank, this is also the simplified version of their famous Tom Yum soup, still pretty decent!
Coca Special Personal Set B – IDR 95k, with additional ala carte options (prices may vary)
Coca Special Personal Set B consists of Beef Fillet, Special Dumpling, Lettuce, Chinese Cabbage, Black Fungus, Pocai, Rolled Fish, Fish Glue, House Shrimp Ball, Tofu, Rice! For more pricing details of the ala carte menus check out the attached menu above.
Mixed Vegetable Platter – IDR 21k

Prosperous Roll – IDR 27k

Fish Glue – IDR 23k
Another personal favorite! Still very “fishy” and meaty the way that I like and not too floury and fake.
OOOOPPPPSSSS…the ala cartes are for the bigger shabu we shared, sorry was hungry don’t judge meeeeeeee LOL!
Chicken in Pandan Leaves – IDR 35k
Beautifully fried, well seasoned, fragrant, decent balance of savory and sweet. Simple yet YUM!
Deep Fried Shrimp Cakes – IDR 39k
Another simple savory goodness that’s fragrant and nicely seasoned! Recommended appetizer!

BBQ Duck Rice – IDR 50k
I found their food to be really hassle free, simple but nicely executed and this BBQ Duck Rice is definitely one of them, when you look at the presentation and the purpose, you know it’s such a simple feast and designed to be that way! Around 5 slices of duck seasoned with hoisin soy sauce, served with vegetables, pickles and chili. Flavor’s there man!

Pad Thai – IDR 45k
I have had their Pad Thai before as additionals that I pair with their suki (yes I eat a lot do not judge) and I found them to be pretty good too! Not overly sweet, but fragrant with this hint of smokey aroma and flavor.

Tom Yum Soup Rice Noodle – IDR 46k
I think they use the same tom yum soup base as the one that I had at the Suki Set, this one might be my least favorite, just because the suki set is everything better compared to this hahaha, but if you’re looking for hassle free tom yum dish, then this for sure!

Coca Restaurant
Citywalk Sudirman
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur
Jak Sel 10240
021 – 2970 4024
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k
Dresscode: none

email: [email protected]

Map for Citywalk