The highly anticipated Devon Cafe from Sydney is NOW OPENING in Jakarta, I have been waiting for this to open for quite some time and it finally did!!! Went to have a quick lunch here earlier today, most likely to feed my curiosity on whether their Jakarta branch would perform as good as their Sydney one!

Devon Cafe Jakarta is located at Senayan City LG fl, next to the newly opened Starbucks.

Their Senayan City outlet is not the most spacious, but pretty homey to be honest with minimalist semi-industrial vibe and earthy tones. The whole cafe could accommodate around 30 people with extra outdoor seatings for guests who fancy (or smoking guests), and not to let you down, but if you’re planning to find their famous Truffle Soft Serve with Fries then unfortunately they’re currently not available as when I asked the server there, the ice cream machine has not yet been installed, maybe give it 3-4 weeks as this blog post is written.


Most of the menus here are pretty similar to their Sydney origin, so expect to find their signature (and best selling) Breakfast with The Sakuma’s (Miso grilled King Salmon), Yakuza Burger (Grilled Teriyaki chicken with Mozarella Katsu) for a pretty cheaper price as adjusted to Jakarta’s standard spending, if Breakfast with The Sakuma’s is around $26 in Sydney (the last time I ate was around the value), then it’s IDR 180k here for the same portion and quality. Anyway I chose to skip the Breakfast with The Sakuma’s as I always order that everytime I go to Devon Sydney and I wanted something different earlier today! They added some local inspired menus like Bakmie Truffle (IDR 85k), Nasi Goreng Gila (IDR 95k) and Char Kway Teow (IDR 120k) and I was tempted to try one.
They also have various Salad and Bowls, Pasta, Rice, Main Plates, Small Plates, Brunch menus to Kids Meals and Desserts with price ranging from IDR 55k-IDR 180k, pretty reasonable for recent pricing and not to mention foreign franchise.

Iced White with Bonsoy (IDR 46k), IDR 10k extra charge for Bonsoy substitute.
Instant plus point: the fact that they provide Bonsoy here! Doesn’t get anymore Aussie for sure LOL. The White was pretty bold and as I was guessing around before actually asking directly to one of the peeps there, the coffee really had this Common Grounds feel to it, and yes CG actually supports the coffee here but with the OG Devon Sydney blend.

Surry Hills Iced Tea – IDR 35k
Berry iced tea with lemon, pretty refreshing for the day.

Devon Benedict (IDR 135k with Smoked Trout)

My friend who went here earlier recommended me their Devon Benedict! Guests are given the options of Bacon (IDR 110k) or Smoked Trout (IDR 135k), I opted for the Smoked Trout! FYI for those who’re (if you read whore you’re duuuurtyyy?) wondering, Salmon and Trout do look similar, but they are different in flavor and texture, Trout is somehow milder for me compared to Salmon. Anyway, diggin the presentation of the Devon Benedict as Charcoal Bun is used for the base, followed by beautifully poached egg, sauteed spinach, squid ink Hollandaise, black Tobiko and Salmon caviar!

Everything was spot on here! The brioche charcoal bun was fluffy and moist, everything was seasoned nicely without overpowering one another, the Squid Ink Hollandaise was one of the highlight of this dish, and altogether what I love the most is bringing the intermezzo of having this in Australia, there’s something about the presentation and flavor that brings “Australia” to me, and that’s a good sign. Recommended.

Croissant St. Denis – IDR 140k

To be completely frank with you I ordered this because I saw “Ghetto Style Omelette” on the description menu and bitch yes. Initially thought the price tag on this one might be a bit hefty for IDR 140k considering what you’re getting (and even though they use crab here), but really after finishing this, I feel like the IDR 140k was worth spending! The croissant was beautiful: flaky, moist, buttery, airy, and the Ghetto Omelette was really far from being Ghetto (lol!), it was LEGIT! The crab meat was generous, but I think it was really the Bisque Beurre Blanc, this classic seafood sauce was a beautiful pair to the crab and the other condiments like caviar, salmon caviar and more! The omelette was beautifully thick and creamy too. What an elevated classic “Pastry and Omelette” brunch menu!

Truffle Bakmie – IDR 85k
From their local’s classic menu, tempted to try this one well simply because my two favorite ingredients are in one frame: noodle and truffle. Short to say, despite the uber tempting appearance, this didn’t live up to my standard and need that work on mainly the seasoning.

…however, the soup, even though was salty but good, plus the generous truffle oil drizzle makes this so aromatic.
I had an enjoyable lunch to be honest with you! The food brought good intermezzo of Sydney memories and flavors to my mind, food was executed beautifully on presentation, concept and flavor! Really nothing to dislike and I would happily recommend this to you guys!
Devon Cafe Jakarta
Senayan City LG fl.
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 400k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Devon Cafe Jakarta