One thing that’s funny to me is the fact that the more digital the life that we live in, the more I realize that the photos that popped on my Instagram feed are getting more and more analog with film-like feel and even more amazing, the fact that analog photography is kinda re-living and getting more fans, you don’t know just happy I am!

Digital photography is not for everyone, just as analog photography is, truth be told you can’t tell everyone to care about analog photography or shooting with film, if you want me to talk about analog photography I don’t think I can do it in one single post as there are tons of film photography subs, but let’s focus on Disposable Camera this time!

Check out this blog post where I first wrote about Disposable Camera or this Instagram post below:

If you want me to do more of this Disposable Camera series support this post and leave “❤️” on the comment section. Ok I am excited to start talking about “Disposable Camera”, first of all, I am NOT an expert in analog photography, I am just a newbie who enjoys shooting film as well as enjoy waiting for the film rolls to be developed (you know that kind of excitement) . Short to say, disposable camera = one time use camera alias kamera sekali pakai (swipe left to see how disposable camera looks like) with fixed lens & yang di dalamnya udah ada film roll, karena gue kebetulan selama ini cuma pake Simple Ace dari Fujifilm (dan btw brand lain juga punya produk mereka sendiri), roll yg ada di kamera itu adalah Fuji Superia 400 which I totally love for outdoors, beach, mountains and sea (esp greens because they do emphasize green color with greenish-blacks) . Foto-foto yang ada di post ini adalah some of my captures from my last Autumn trip to Tokyo! Fresh from the cam without further editing! Somehow seneng ngeliat kalo semangat orang yang makin seneng motret pake film di era yang makin digital ini! Truth be told, gimanapun kita jago ngeditnya or mirip-miripin, we can’t ever beat film, it’s the experience dan dagdigdug nunggu hasilnya yang paling menyenangkan, and not to mention, the natural film color, texture, grains, flares! . If you have any questions feel free to drop them here, and more of this to come (and the editing that I promised because you guys semangat banget deadlinesnya kelar cuma dalam waktu dua jam! Give me a week to finish all my projects and focused on the blog post ya, will defo keep you guys updated) 📸 . #disposable #disposablecamera #japan #tokyo #autumn #fujisuperia400 #filmisnotdead #analogphotography #filmphotography
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One thing that I must let you guys know: WE CAN’T EVER COPY 100% Disposable Camera/Analog beauty and you don’t need to, otherwise you’ll lose the freaking point of shooting film. It’s not just the color, but the overall experience! Shooting film teaches me to be more patient in waiting, composing and developing (it can take 5-7 days before you get the result and there’s a possibility that the photos might not turn out the way you want to), and I don’t know how to explain it or emphasize the whole process enough because if you’re not a patient person or willing to be patient then maybe analog photography is just not for you.

Here are some photos taken using my FUJI SIMPLE ACE 400 Disposable Camera in Bali, the camera includes 27 frames, ISO 400 Fuji Superia film, camera’s bought in Bic Camera Tokyo – I bought like 15 cameras to bring home everytime I’m in Japan lol

 Sometimes my picture turned out like this, like shot using expired film, underexposed just moody, fully aware that this is a broken photo but I like it so what? LOL
Dream tone here.
Ok let’s cut to the chase and let’s get into the apps that I use on my phone to create the ‘Disposable Camera’ effect, but please note that the apps that I showed here might not be available for Android users, but rest assure as I also include available dupes.
How do I know about this app? Actually from my Instagram explore page where a photo of Jessica Jung from SNSD finally showed up and I was super fond of the mood of her photos, and when I was stalking her the comment section of the photo hoping to get the answer, and I did! A lot of people actually asked about the app that she used to edit this picture and a lot of people were actually giving answers and it’s the ‘GUDAK’ app! This app emphasizes more on the experience shooting with disposable camera (and they would have sound effect too in between each frame) and of course you have to wait several days to get your photos processed in the so-called ‘lab’ and one day to get your next film (but honestly because I clearly know I shoot digital waiting can be pretty shady), for the purchase price this app is kinda worth buying and you can shoot for lifetime as long as your phone’s alive.
Sample photos taken using Gudak (no additional editing)
What I like about this app?
– Decent Disposable Camera effect with RGB shifts and random flares
– You have to wait three days (experience)
What I don’t like about this app?
– You have to wait three days to get the photos
– You have to wait one day to get the next film
– Photos tend to be darker
– Lack of grain
– Random flares that could be a burden
Honestly not the biggest fan of this photo as the flares really cheapen the aesthetic of the photos.
Gudak dupe for Android users: download ‘Feelm‘, when I was searching for Gudak app, I found none but the closest recommendation was this app called ‘Feelm’, well to be honest not exactly as good as Gudak as the filters can get too harsh sometimes, but decent enough for fun, and I love how you can adjust the strength of the filters.
Sample photos taken using Feelm
I knew this app when I was scrolling the recommendations on the App Store and this was the top 20 at that time, my salty ass was curious so I downloaded the app and instantly FELL IN LOVE with the effect (they’re aiming the 90s film camera vibe that’s mainly magenta with cool tint! It can get too contrasty, over-saturated and orange at times, but adjustable at the post-processing with different apps! On top of all, you can directly save the photos and don’t need to wait for a few days like Gudak, and the photos might include random grains, textures and flares too.
Sample photos taken using Huji Cam (no additional editing)
What I like about this app?
– Lovely effect!
– The random textures, grains and flares
– You can turn off the date stamp
– You don’t have to wait to see your photos, can just directly save and upload if you fancy
What I don’t like about this app?
– Can be very contrast, and over-saturated
– Can’t adjust the flares (but hey it’s disposable camera you don’t know what to expect sometimes)
You can’t expect one app to do the whole thing for you and I think that’s just the nature, that’s why these other apps are here to stay and completed one another, FYI I normally edit like this on days when I am more diligent in editing, most days I just posted whatever Gudak/Huji gave me in a single shot, and PLEASE don’t rely too much on my editing workflows and expect your photos to appear like me because we’re naturally have different styles of picture taking, editing, response to lighting and many other factors, your editing can even end up much better than mine and that’s cool, no rules on photography and photo editing, sometimes it’s about having fun and casual!
1. GUDAK/HUJI pictures as the base
Shot using Gudak/Huji app the photos developed are my base, main rule of Disposable Camera photos, make sure they’re NOT sharp!
RGB stands for the Red Green Blue and it’s the effect that’s giving your photos almost this 3D scan looks like this:
My favorite apps to strengthen the RGB shifts effect on my photos has got to be Glitche: TONS OF beautiful effects from Scan Lines, VHS, TV noises and more on one single app, worth investing!
I think Faded has the best grains for photos, VSCO’s grain has never been my favorite for it’s a bit too harsh, Faded has smaller grains and you can adjust the grains to appear like ISO 400, 800 or 1600 films (the bigger the number = more grains)
For textures, I think Filterloop has selections of wonderful textures from dust, scratches, stains and you can even set the blending mode the way you want it just like Photoshop.
After all the further little adjustments, I like to layer everything with another VSCO filter to add additional layer of filters/further adjustments to the photos that I got from either Gudak/Huji, I normally layered the picture with the C6-9 or K1-3, but sometimes with any other filter that works for certain photos.
Photos after layered with the filters, brightens, more grains, shadows and highlights.
For selective adjusts, in case certain part of the photos are too dark, too bright, too orange, too-whatever-it-is, Snapseed to the rescue and that’s basically the final step of my editing.
As promised, one Lightroom preset for everyone -> HERE
Photo below is edited using “Disposable Camera”, don’t rely on a single click and please do further adjustments because the preset works differently on different mood.
Thank you for reading and enjoy!