Recently PHD Indonesia just launched their latest addition to its evergrowing and impressive series of pizza creations, and this time they keep it lowkey awesome by keeping what they’ve known best: their bites crust but this time they’re doubling everything hence the DOUBLE CHEESY BITES and in this entry I am also introducing you their latest pizza variant, Pepperoni Jalapeno and their bottled drinks which I paired the double cheesy bites with.

Sweet, creamy and simple. No preservatives used.

Pepperoni Jalapeno Pizza – starting from IDR 78k, available in Regular and Jumbo size // IDR 98k with the Double Cheesy Bites crust

PHD is known for consistently making great pizza and their pizzas have always been my kind of simple guilty pleasure that I can much anytime: breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper you name it, and the more I can share them with more people, the more the experience excites me, and for those of you who have been reading my blog for a while, particularly the PHD blog posts, y’all know that PHD signature style pizza is this thin crusted pizza with generous sauce dressings and toppings, just how a good pizza should be, their Meat Lovers has remained my all time favorite because it has everything that I liked as pizza condiments (beef ham, beef sausage, minced beef and more) but this Pepperoni Jalapeno is my new current favorite! I just love something simple with an extra ‘kick’ and altogether tasty. The tomato sauce spread gave this refreshing flavor and then you got the generous cheese and meat topping, and the kick of spicy flavor from the Jalapeno and the Nachos dipping sauce!

You are more than welcomed to pair this Pepperoni Jalapeno pizza with your favorite crust (original, stuffed, sausage and the currently launched double cheesy bites crust), you can also pair the double cheesy bites crust with your favorite pizza variant but do note that for this particular crust, the serving only comes in regular size (6 slices).

So what’s so special about the double cheesy bites? The fact that you are getting the cheese and chicken sausage on each bites! Double the calorie but who cares when it’s double the yum! It’s awesome that you can get this delivered to you with just one call away, you know the drill you know the number: 1500-600!