My Hokkaido blog posts are seriously one of the most requested this year and it’s been one month since the trip and I have been missing Hokkaido so badly and I found myself reopening the folders and reedit the photos (and I don’t know if it’s just me but I sometimes can edit one photo to several editing style lol). I’ve been dreaming of going for so long and finally got the chance to travel and on top of it, shared the happiness with my sister, clearly one of the best highlight of the year that I’ll forever keep in mind.

I want to divide my Hokkaido blog post into several series but I think it’s best to kick things off by sharing my itinerary (and a lot of you guys have been asking for this one too), so if you’re planning to travel solo here in Hokkaido I hope this post will help you in arranging your own itinerary. If you’re asking for my personal preference, I think tour should be the most convenient and comfortable way to explore Hokkaido in general as based on my experience there are some areas that might need the help of car/bus to explore, the downside is that things are scheduled in tours so your time on each spot will be limited, especially someone like me who is more laid back and love to take tons of pictures, but anyway lately I’ve been applying the ‘living in the moment’ scheme to my travel and see more with my own eyes more than I see through the viewfinder, and that simple gesture has made me happier. Life is about doing what you believe in to make you feel happy, it’s your own way.

Without further ado, here I am sharing you guys my Hokkaido trip itinerary for 6D5N trip with brief photos and caption, and to keep things exciting, I will be sharing the detailed experience on the upcoming blog posts!


10 PM – Red eye flight from Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport) to Tokyo (Narita International Airport), flight using Japan Airlines (JAL)


7 AM – Arrived in Tokyo (Narita) and transfer to Haneda International Airport for connecting flight to Hokkaido (Asahikawa Airport)
10:45 AM – Flight from Tokyo (Haneda) to Hokkaido (Asahikawa)
1 PM – Arrived in Asahikawa Airport, Hokkaido

Asahikawa Airport, Hokkaido
2 PM – Lunch at Ferme La Terre, Biei
3 PM – Shikisai No Oka

Shikisai No Oka is seriously the spot that you just can’t skip when you’re in Hokkaido, a flower park that looks like colorful carpet ‘made’ from arranged blooms! My tour guide told me that it’s best to come during the Spring/Summer for the best blooms, flowers don’t grow that much on Autumn and of course, all gone during Winter, in contrary to the blooming flower season, I am super excited to come back & visit Hokkaido during Winter.
4 PM – Farm Tomita
Farm Tomita is famous for its lavender blooms and again, it’s best to come during spring/summer to see the lavender blooms on their peak! There’s also a stall which sells super tasty lavender and melon soft serve, not to miss!
5:30 PM – Check in hotel and buffet dinner at hotel (stayed at Prince Furano Hotel)
10 AM – Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum (Arte Piazza), Bibei
12 PM – lunch at Iwamizawa Maple Lodge
Had a very pleasant Japanese lunch set here, I remember there was four courses included in the lunch set and everything was above my standard, especially the uber tender beef that melt in your mouth and the perfect cream sponge cake for sweet closure, definitely highly recommended.

2 PM – Ishiya Chocolate Factory, Sapporo
Another one that’s uber recommended, Ishiya Chocolate Factory is a factory and small theme park! Bring your family here to have some fun, take tons of pictures, enjoy the moment and shop for some high quality chocolate creations. I shopped like crazy here, bought chocolates, biscuits, candies and gifts for my family and friends.

3 PM – Okurayama Sapporo Olympic Museum

6 PM – Umizora No Haru – Ainu traditional food for dinner

8:30 PM – Gotcha show!
If you have some free time (or if you don’t make some) go check out Gotcha, a night art and music show in Sapporo where in one hour you can enjoy mostly musical performances from talented local performers, mostly aspiring personalities who are expert in certain field.

9:30 PM – Check in hotel, stayed at New Otani Inn

10 AM – Otaru tour!

1 PM – Donburichaya for lunch (halal Japanese restaurant)

3 PM – Jozankei Kokoro no Sato Jozan (foot onsen)

5 PM – Check in hotel, Rusutsu Resort/Westin Hotel


9 AM – Toyako Silo Observatory
10 AM – Showashinzan Bear Park & Usuzan Ropeway (gondola)

12 AM – Lunch at Mingei Goten (famous for their Nabe aka Japanese hot pot dish)

1 PM – Impromptu visit to a farm nearby for fruit picking!

2 PM – Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura (Japanese Ninja Village)
One of the highlights of my trip to Hokkaido has got to be my visit to Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura aka Ninja village, and DO NOT MISS their Ninja show! Awesome, entertaining and you can see that they did major preparation (or training) to perform one.

5 PM – Vase art craft at Noboribetsu Tourist Centre

6 PM – Check in hotel, Mahoroba


9 AM – Heading to Chitose Outlet Mall for shopping
9:30 AM – Shopping time!
11 AM – Arrived in Chitose Airport, Sapporo, Hokkaido
1:35 PM – Flight to Tokyo (Haneda International Airport)
3:30 PM – Arrived in Tokyo (Haneda), transfer to Narita International Airport
6 PM – Flight to Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International Airport)

S A Y O N A R A  J A P A N!

Thank you guys for reading this entry, I hope this post can help you and also be your guide to arrange yours, either you want to follow this entirely or take some/lose some, in the end I believe you’re going to have tons of fun in Hokkaido. not to mention how Japan is a four-season country where every season is beautiful in its way, short to say my visit to Hokkaido was AMAZING and I will tell you more about the amazing-ness on the next posts! Till then!