Hey guys, so I went to one of the most anticipated annual culinary event: Festival Jajanan Bango 2018 and this year they chose Park and Ride Thamrin as the main venue for the Jakarta event! I think this marks my fourth year coming to their event as I never skipped their event, and boy I just can’t because there are so many things to see and try there, either you’re a first timer or a regular to their event, keep reading as I will be sharing my experience to the Festival Jajanan Bango 2018!

This year’s Festival Jajanan Bango 2018 is pretty special as Kecap Bango is also celebrating their 90th anniversary!!! YES BIG 90! My mom told me that she has been a loyal customer of kecap bango for almost three decades ever since my grandma started to include their soy sauce to her cooking, the process is almost an inheritance! Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KECAP BANGO, may the older you get, the more successful you are and may you’re closer to the family kitchen through the kitchen!

The ticket price for the event was as cheap as IDR 10k, each visitor will be granted with an invitation of paper fan (that you’re going to need to fight the heat and to collect stamps to grab some prizes!), and one Unilever product.

 …greeting wall where visitors were more than welcome to write sweet greetings to Kecap Bango, found this from someone who has been a loyal consumer of Kecap Bango for almost 4 decades!!!
 The map of the event, more than 80 tenants from all over Indonesia offering what they have in store.
 The black soybean, the main ingredient behind the magestic Kecap Bango!
 Warung Unilever

I am going to make this post more like an event tour, so brace yourself for some major foodporns and I am going to let the pictures did most of the talking. I came around 1 PM that day and OH MY GOODNESS this year’s FJB was super duper HOT, compared to last year where most of the event was held indoor at ICE BSD, I wore the most uncomfortable thick sweater ever, sweated like crazy and that’s one thing to learn if I go next year, make sure you do a bit of research on Instagram tags whether the event’s going to completely outdoor, half indoor/outdoor or indoor then you know what to wear and to bring!

The stage area
The phsyical voucher that’s equivalent to money in this event.
Tata Ribs Daenk Tata was surely one of the most famous, the queue in front of their booth is always LOOONG as you can tell from the picture, and OH there are more than 80 local feasts that I found at Festival Jajanan Bango, but of course due to the fact that my stomach is not a bottomless pit, I wish I could try everything but I didn’t.
Empal Gentong Mang Darma
I’ve had this before but not at this event, they have a little outlet in Tanjung Duren and honest review: no complain towards the tenderness of the meat but expected the soup to be slightly richer.
Mie Aceh Seulawah
This was another popular participant in this event, I was sitting not too far from their booth and once/twice looked at booth, and noticed that they sold each batch pretty quickly, so I kinda went to try this and boy this was one of the best meals that I purchased from the event, the noodle was so beautifully cooked (still a tad firm & chewy), seasoned – rich but with mild spiciness (for my liking), next time if you stumble upon this, go try it yourself.

Sate Maranggi

Mie Cakalang Rumah Palem

Sate Kikil (next to Sate Padang Ajo Ramon)

THIS WAS SUPER SPICY OMG, I kinda knew that it would be spicy from the chili oil and the red color, but to be frank with you I didn’t expect that it would that that burning and peppery spicy, like overwhelming, but I like the texture of the kikil tho, spot on firmness.

Sate Padang Ajo Ramon

This I don’t think I need to introduce you guys as they’re SOOOO famous, yes it’s the Sate Padang Ajo Ramon. I don’t know, I’ve been a fan of their sate padang for a long time (even though they’re not always consistent but at least still very edible and addicting for some reasons), that savory gravy to say yes to, anytime.

Seblak Jeletet Murni
If you join my live session on the spot, that was my very first time trying Seblak Jeletet after going viral for quite some time, but turns out,  I don’t like it, really different with what I had in mind, just too peppery, too much coriander, too much chilli sauce, some people might like it but not me for sure.

Nasi Jamblang Mang Dul
Uh this one, simple comforting rice dish with various toppings that you can choose from, I always get their cumi (squid), telor dadar (fried egg), kerang (clams) with some additionals.

Mie Aceh Seulawah
As what I’ve told you, loving everything about this, savory with a hint of sweet but not too much, beauitfully cooked noodle, spicy, tasty, and simple!
Was craving for Es Kopi Susu that afternoon and this to the rescue! I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I’ve had theirs on three different events, but the last one, which is this event was the best, the mixture was just spot on.
I guess that’s everything that I can cover for the event, I love the fact that FJB exists in the first place, just something gracious about what they did to support our local delicacy, and for that, I wish them all the best of luck for their empire and for more FJBs to come HAHAHA! Thanks for reading guys!