Flip Burger just launched their CIK’N items, which is basically their fried chicken items! I have been a fan of their burgers ever since they launched their first outlet in Senopati and it’s nice to see the business grows to this giant with more and more outlets coming. I came to their launching event yesterday at Flip Burger Kelapa Gading and disclaimer: in no way this blog post is an ad, this will be a short blog post with brief review.

The FLIP CIK’N line consists of fried chickens, fried chicken necks, and fried chicken skin (this one has been around since the first day) with the emphasize on the fried chicken. When they were served to the table, they were so aromatic that at that very moment all I can think of was quickly took pictures, naked the rice and abuse everything, and I DID! HAHAHA the photos that you’re looking at this post were captured in less than 5 minutes!

The fried chickens were beautifully cooked: they were fresh, crunchy, well marinated, fragrant and meaty, but I must say they’re still not kicking KFC from my best fried chicken throne and my current favorite: McD Spicy, but still, I would be more than happy to have this again and again. I did not expect to love the chicken neck more than I think I would, initially I thought it’s going to be all greasy and shit, well a bit greasy but very tasty and enjoyable!!!

…and no question about the fried chicken skin, might be one of the best in town: tasty, crunchy and not greasy!!!

Look at them fried chickens!!!
 Fried Chicken Skin!!!
They have this set package where for IDR 34.091 (before tax) you can get the set of one rice + two fried chickens + one drink (tea box) and 40 grams of fried chicken skin. A very good deal.
Overall, FLIP CIK’N is a smart move from Flip Burger and based on what I’ve tried, defo approved. The people behind this brand are smart and creative. After this and Holycow on their resume, I wonder what’s coming next, anyway best of luck!

Flip Burger Jakarta
Jalan Senopati No. 27
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12920
Opening hours: 11 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 120k
Dresscode: casual