Excited to share you about this newly opened Korean restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) which is currently one of my top favorites in the neighborhood, and it’s originated from the ginseng country itself! Ladies and gents, I give you GOOBNE! Korea’s uber popular oven-roasted chicken specialist! In Korea alone, they already have more than 1000 outlets, not only can smell some freshly roasted chicken, but money as well! Just kidding HAHA! Their Jakarta outlet is their first South East Asia branch, should we feel honored? hmm…

Anyway for those who are wondering about the pronounciation, if you read “gupne”, so far you’re right! Big Korean celebrities like Girls Generation (SNSD) were their brand ambassador, following EXO which is their current, I found that it’s such a smart move as the KPOP culture is highly influential not only in Korea alone, but most Asian countries, including me several years ago, I was a huge-huge fan of SNSD! #proudSONE

Okay, before you guys start wondering why I keep on referring to “oven-roasted” chicken it’s because you’ll find nothing but chickens that’s cooked in oven roasting method so NONE fried! Being oven-roasted, you can believe that the meals here are a tad healthier than them being fried and lower in calorie too, but maybe not after all the cheesy goodness HAHAHA! When you dine-in you can see their TV commercial in loop, they’re showing you the roasting process, seems so delightful.

Rita Shark Blood – IDR 69k
This is actually a very simple drink made from Blue Curacao syrup and berry ‘blood’ (but sorry I freaking missed the blood action shot since I didn’t realize that the blood would come from the shark’s mouth as you pick it up), but it’s so refreshing and the berry puree really lifted the whole drink’s flavor and freshness, sweet without being overly sweet, fresh, fruity, a nice thirst quencher for the day!

Goobne Original
Goobne Deep Cheese – IDR 179k

This was one of the highlight of the restaurant as well as one of the best sellers! The cheese is this mix of cheddar and blue cheese! Don’t let the picture fool ya as it’s way bigger in real life as this is their real serving portion (equal to one whole chicken), the chickens look fried don’t they, but nope they’re all OVEN ROASTED (I repeat!), and oh my goodness, the texture and consistency of the chicken is PERFECT! Not greasy, not oily, so freaking tender and fragrant! The cheese powder were generously given but somehow on the right amount for the serving, topping each and every chicken! You know I’m never the biggest fan of blue cheese, but somehow the amount of cheese mixture is spot on: tasty savory with a hint of sweet! If you fancy cheese then this might be what you HAVE TO order here!

Goobne Pepper Crispy – IDR 169k

Now MY FAVORITE! Another highlighted menu and another best-selling menus here, well I mean look at that damn golden crispy (yet moist) chicken, and I can tell you that they taste as beautiful as they look! The coating is crispy and altogether fragrant, the pepper seasoning is almost like this blend of mild pepper and bell pepper but if you want more kick the serving comes with their signature sauce and fresh pickled cabbage, but honestly with seasoning that good I don’t need any additional seasoning, maybe I’m always the non-sauce type, because when it comes to food I found that sometimes less is more.

Half and Half – IDR 189k
Their “Half & Half” comes in this pairing that you can customize, I had the Goobne Original and Goobne Volcano, the Goobne Original is literally the original recipe, the base recipe or should I say the ‘OG’ version of their oven-roasted chicken while of course as most restaurants normally apply, Volcano being the spicy beast! Even though it’s less on seasoning, I found that the Goobne Original pretty tasty.

Volcano Cheese Tteobokki – IDR 89k
This dish consist of noodle (curly type), odeng, cabbage, tteobokki, and generous cheese topping (I notice two kinds of cheese in this dish, one being mozarella), the sauce was this mix of sweet and spicy Gokchujang sauce which I found beautiful for this kind of dish, especially since you have the tteobokki and cheese to match! Everyone’s take on spicy might differ, but I found this not too spicy, but not exactly the mildest either, the tteobokki was cooked perfectly, hence the beautiful density!

tteobokki and odeng!

Cheese Dak Galbi – IDR 179k

I understand that most of the menus here are meant to be shared due to the portion, and here’s another one if you’re feeling a bit extra with some cheesy actions! The dish consist of stir-fry chicken marinated with their signature sweet & spicy Gokjujang sauce with toppings like sweet potato, onion, tteobokki and cabbage!

Cheese Fondue Chicken – IDR 189k

When I look at this dish, somehow I believe that this is going to soon be their best-selling menus here not only for the flavor, but the fun of it too, I don’t know just something about rolling cheese dishes that’s giving me this ASMR feel, just satisfying in a way! For this dish, they’re using boneless thigh chicken that’s glazed in sweet and spicy sauce, topped with almond and on this three kind of cheese (unmelted when served). The cheese was such a delight to the sweet and spicy chicken, complements one another very well, altogether just as mouthwatering as it looks, scroll for more cheese porn!

None of the food was disappointing, while currently typing this, I am actually craving for their Pepper Chicken and Cheese Fondue Chicken, based on my first visit here, I feel like quality speaks here, and when it comes to quality, rest assure even if the KPOP trend died down as quality means having loyal following, and I believe I am one now. I hope they can keep up with the quality here, while their food might not be the cheapest, but keep it mind most of the food here are meant to be shared! Goobne is defo worth a visit!!!

Goobne Indonesia
Rukan Crown Golf
Kamal Muara, Penjaringan
PIK – Jakarta Utara 14470
021 – 2942 4773
Opening hours: 11 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 350k
Dresscode: none


Map for Goobne