If you visit Bali regularly and happens to be a fan of ribs, I believe this should be no stranger to you, and I am glad that they decided to take a leap of faith and open in (I really wanna say Jakarta) somewhere near Jakarta, yes, the famous Hog Wild with Chef Bruno is now opening in Gading Serpong! Of course I believe you guys probably wonder whether it will be as good as their Bali outlet? Keep scrolling to read the review, I am going to keep it simple yet straight to the point.

To be completely frank I kinda wished they opened in Jakarta instead of Gading Serpong, but well, Gading Serpong is a growing neighborhood and it has upcoming potential I believe. I came on Sunday last week with my brother for a lunch date and noticed some tables were occupied by families! The restaurant is spacious with two stories (and with spacious parking lot too) and even though not exactly very significant, but I love the little Bali vibe from the airy concept of the restaurant. Most of the areas here isn’t really air-conditionized but they have a VIP room on the second floor that you can book for private event.

Upon entrance, you’ll be greeted with a pig statue with its mouth open, almost excited!
The interior was so simple, almost raw and earthy but still has this Bali vibe to it! The interior on the second floor is a bit more to the private and homey side and not to mention the VIP room!
Even though they’re highly known for their beautiful ribs, here at Hog Wild you can expect to find different kind of cuisines which mostly Western, Bali and local inspired such as Bebek Goreng, Burgers, Steaks, Skewers and more, but of course when you go here their ribs are ones that you can’t skip! Price range for the food starts from IDR 35k-200k with drinks from IDR 15k-120k.

A little too early for Martini that day but why not? One thing about this is when you order their Martini they will serve it to you with their signature Martini Shake Dance (so get your phone and camera ready if you fancy recording). Today (December 8th 2017) marks the grand opening of their outlet and guests can enjoy 40% OFF alcoholic drinks starting from 9 PM! Promo valid until December 10th!

Aside from the original Martini you can also indulge on their Lychee Martini or Rujak Martini (if you like the more aggresive and adventurous kind).

From their ‘Appeteasers’ selections (love how they refer it as Appe-TEASERS) I had the Nachos (left) and Bang-Bang Wings (right).

Nachos – IDR 55k // Bang-Bang Wings – IDR 47k
Nachos – IDR 55k

Their Nachos was this simple and proper Salsa-Guacamole style, basic but enjoyable. The corn tortillas were crunchy and fresh, toppings were fresh and overall pretty light which is kinda good because I don’t want something too heavy before I indulge on their freaking ribs!!!

Bang-Bang Wings – IDR 47k
Their Bang-Bang Wings are nicely seasoned and came in the right portion of 4 (which again, light for starters), I thought the chicken would be spicy but it was very mild, and probably why they had it paired with the dipping sauce.

Aside from the two above, they also have various Salads, Quesadillas and Chips for appetizers.
Dare to Rib – IDR 159k (served with one optional side dish)

It’s unacceptable that you go to Hog Wild without having their beautiful pork ribs (unless you are Muslims of course), when I dine at their Bali outlet I normally have their Wicked Ribs and on my visit here I had their Dare to Rib, both are the same 500 grams pork rib base (but somehow I feel like the one that I tried felt a bit smaller maybe it’s just me), and what makes them different is the marinating sauce glazing! While the Wicked Ribs uses the BBQ sauce for that sweet and tangy flavor, the Dare to Rib’s paired with Ginger-Honey sauce for that beautiful harmonious sweet and savory flavor with caramel note! I personally liked the Dare to Rib better than the original even though both has slightly different character to one another!

Had my ribs paired with Sweet Ptato Fries (IDR 22k – additional price), other side dishes include: Steamed Rice, Porn Corn, Handcut Fries, Mashed Potatoes, Sauteed Vegetables, Garlic Bread and Sunny Side Up.

Meat wise, of course they cooked it perfectly to reach that tenderlicious and finger-lickin’ good consistency! So tender, soft, and overall without much fat but still very juicy, just HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Hamburger – IDR 88k

Maybe I am already very biased with their ribs so the burger was just OK for me. The patty was a bit dry, maybe a little sauce action would elevate the performance.

Homemade Gelato by Liberta – IDR 29k
Sweet closure to the fingerlicking good lunch, they have various dessert options here from Chocolate Brownies, Mousse, Gelato, Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters), and Banana Split. The homemade gelato is available with variants such as Dark Chocolate, Mango, Durian, ferreo, Strawberry and Vanilla. I had the Strawberry one, if they’re consistent so the consistency of the gelato’s more to the creamy-milky kind.

Pisang Goreng – IDR 33k

Now this one I really like! Classic banana fritter packaged differently and served with one scoop of Vanilla ice cream! When it comes to banana fritter I like the mushier kind and they cater my wish so this one’s sure approved by me.

Casual weekend accompanied with my brother and good lunch! Ribs was memorable, service was friendly! Cut to the chase so eatandtreats approved? YAS!
Hog Wild with Chef Bruno
Cihuni, Padegangan
Gading Serpong
Tangerang 15332
0813 – 1850 – 2288
Opening hours: 11 AM-12 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual
Google Maps direction: goo.gl/maps/q9ULaekKmDF2


Map for Hog Wild