My kind of Saturday chill is basically meeting my best friends, talk shit and have some good food in between, when my best friend uploaded a picture of this newly opened establishment in her Instagram Stories I was just around Senayan so I proceed to ‘check in’, well not check in-check in since I was not having a staycation but I spent some time at their dining and rooftop bar outlets.

Hotel Monopoli is located at Taman Kemang (precisely across Parc 19) and this hotel is owned by Syah Establishment, the group that owns Bauhaus, The Gunawarman and Lucy in The Sky. Property and architecture wise, I love The Gunawarman, even though I might not have the most pleasant lunch experience at Sofia (but I’ll pay that back on my next visit because I know that place has some freaking potential!) and from outside, Hotel Monopoli looked like the humble version of The Gunawarman but still looking so chic, so metropolis and somehow, British! I just fucking the love the fact that they’re located in Kemang!

The whole building feature a boutique hotel, a restaurant at the lobby level, a rooftop bar called The Moon, and the waiter also told me that there will be another basement club called The Room. I can’t really give you insights on their rooms since I did not do any room tour, but anyway I kinda try to book a stay here, the only available room in their website is their Deluxe Room and that’s still IDR 650k/night so it’s a pretty good deal damnit.

The Moon
We arrived here around 5:45 PM and the server told me that they’re about to have a Pool Party that night, and yes the rooftop bar has a mini pool with floaties where I guess guests can jump in if they want to? Correct me if I’m wrong but I saw two people in the pool, anyway, on the other side of The Moon was the seating areas and a bar. FYI, the drinks that you order from The Moon can’t be brought to the restaurant on the ground floor, that’s because I wanted to order the Thai Tea mocktail from the moon when I was having dinner at the restaurant but the waitress told me it can’t be done.

Price for the drinks was okay, Mocktails starts around IDR 45k and Cocktails IDR 100k and above.

The mini pool and floaties
Didn’t spend a lot of time at The Moon so we went downstairs, since the hotel is really really REALLY new they’re still finishing up some construction here and there which is still very tolerable I guess since it didn’t really bother me that much, so if you come here don’t be surprised if you kinda have to wait a bit for the elevator to bring you back downstairs as on the time of my visit they’re still installing the elevator buttons from The Moon.
The Monopoli
I am super in love with the design of the lobby and the restaurant, well generally I love Syah Establishment’s taste for archicture and interior design as their outlets always have this chic vibe that’s fresh, fit all gender and ages, vibrant, classy, modern with a touch of vintage as well, I just don’t know how to explain that properly I just love it. Period.
Enjoy these interior photos of the lobby and restaurant!
Going to make the food review quick, but before getting to that I just want to let them know how much I love the waiter & waitress attire (uniform), just proper and chic, and they were pretty friendly, I honestly never really expected stiff ass service, I like people who are more casual and friendly and they were that, so we’re off to a good start.
Secondly, I forgot to take pictures of the menu (FML) so I didn’t remember exactly the pricing, but you’ll see the Monopoli Cheese Burger (IDR 125k), Dry Ramen, Melted Hot Chocolate (IDR 75k), and some mocktails from The Monopoli. WILL DEFO UPDATE THIS POST ONCE I GET THE NAMES!!!
The cocktail on the left had this rich Peanut Butter flavor that I love, just creamy and spot on, and mine was the Mojito mocktail that’s very refreshing with beautiful balance of fruity, sour and sweet! Recommended.
Monopoli Cheeseburger – IDR 125k
Expected some festive looking burger to be honest (especially for that price tag), I had no problem with the ingredient and the cooking as I think it was spot on, but I just feel like it’s lacking that ‘umph’, that kick, overall it was just okay where I expected the bolder savory flavor in one bite, you know that feeling when you eat something so good on that first bite and you go ‘wow’ like my experience having Bleecker Street Burger in London I’ll never forget that ever.
Dry Ramen

This was highly recommended by the waitress so we decided to gave it a try. First miss, the egg, it should be runny for that extra yolky-creaminess but it was slightly overcooked too bad, and again, the  overall flavor just wasn’t bold enough (expect for the well-seasoned grilled chicken), it’s like having Abura Soba but in form of ramen but in need of that bolder kick of flavor.

Melted Hot Chocolate
The white dressing tasted like this blend of powdered sugar and powdered cream/milk.
Now to the muthafuckin champion, this was SO SO SO GOOD!!! The dessert was so perfectly cooked with spot on everything: the texture, the presentation, the flavor sweetness, the rich chocolate, the glazed nut, the ice cream. This was a total mood booster for sure.

Planning my staycation here since the rate is still pretty cheap at the moment, up next is giving another chance to Sofia and coming back to enjoy Monopoli in the day. Best of luck!!!

Beautiful hotel entrance!
Just in time for Christmas & somehow their entrance just rings romantic Christmas as you walk in.
Hotel Monopoli
Jalan Taman Kemang No. 12 (across Parc 19)
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan 12730
021 – 2271 5101


Map for Hotel Monopoli