I know it’s been a while since I hosted this lunch event but I am still super duper excited to share the story to you, well simply because it’s too good to keep it for myself, first of all, special thanks for my blogger and social media influencer friends who made the effort to come and spent some time to have lunch here.

The intimate lunch took place at House of Yuen by Sun Tung Lok, which if you guys are not aware, their Hong Kong’s outlet is awarded with one-Michelin star so expect some top notch Cantonese cuisine, their Jakarta outlet is located at the third floor of Fairmont Hotel Jakarta.
The interior rings fancy and glamorous, the kind of place that when you stepped yourself in, you know this is a serious restaurant, and they did put good effort in decorating the restaurant as well as the detailing! The overall combination of gold, velvet blue and white chrome is lovely posh.
The restaurant has around 250 seating capacities and accommodate 12 private rooms for special occasions.
Special thanks for the honorable sponsors who have kindly supported the event that day: The Clementines, Orlins Events, Kaya Tea Organic and Sweet Escape for capturing the moments (will be sharing more pics from Sweet Escape at the end of this post)

I am going to give the review based on my personal experience as a guest here, but one thing that really stick with me about House of Yuen is the super attentive service, when you’re a reputable restaurant it better comes with good food that’s as much as the incredible service, thoughts on food as you scroll this entry but the service was top notch! Even though most of the time I walked around making sure everything’s okay and everyone’s enjoying their lunch but I remember how they escorted me to my seat, how well they took care of my guests, offering drinks, made the cloth, little details that matter to me and they nailed it.

Pamela Wirjadinata, Catherine Halim
Yours truly, just feel the need to upload a picture of me, thank you Henji Wong for taking this for me!
As I mentioned earlier, House of Yuen emphasizes in serving top notch Chinese-Cantonese high dining so expect some fancy looking (and tasting) food served to your tables, they also offer various Dim Sum selections (until 3 PM daily), a la carte and premium menus. Do note that the food you’re about to see is adjusted to sampler sizes to fit the concept of the lunch event that day, that’s a good thing tho so that we can sample various dishes before feeling too full before we even approached the main courses.
Appetizer Sampler
Consist of Diced Ox-Tongue in XO Chili Sauce, Salted Egg Crispy Fish Skin, Old Fashioned Smoked Garoupa Fish Fillet and Deep Fried Prawns with Wasabi Aioli
Everything about the appetizer sampler is awesome, nothing that I don’t like but if you ask me to name my favorites, it would be the Salted Egg Crispy Fish Skin! I like how aside from the fish skin, the other else was beautifully seasoned, unique in their own way and altogether delicious.

Salted Egg Crispy Fish Skin
One word: PERFECT! They cooked the fish skin to a state where it’s perfectly crunchy without being super dry, the salted egg seasoning was so good: salty, rich, with that gritty salted egg texture that I super fond of, definitely exceeded my expectation even before sampling it. MUST TRY!

Spicy Imperial Hot and Sour Soup with Lobster
Another refreshing starter to warm up my palate before indulging it with main courses goodness! The soup was flavorful and delicate in the same time, but it was the lobster that was the highlight of this dish! Gnerously given, fresh with naturally sweet flavor, chunky, crunchy. Another top recommended menu!

Photoshoots in between lunch with my best girls!
Left: Braised Prime Rib with House Gravy, Right: Oven Baked King Prawns Cheese and Spicy XO Sauce

Braised Prime Rib with House Gravy

8 hours of slow cooking process, awesome cooking technique and bold seasoning might be three of the main keys why this dish was the champion for me! The rib was so tender and juicy to the point where I barely lost any calorie slicing it (fell of the bone easily), the gravy was this beautiful mix of sweet and savory, the kind of sauce that matched this kind of dish perfectly, just spot on! MUST MUST TRY! Go ask for the biggest portion to share, I can guarantee you major foodgasm.

Oven Baked King Prawns Cheese and Spicy XO Sauce
Texture wise, the prawn was nicely cooked and absolutely fresh but somehow the cheese and sauce didn’t absorb inside the meat of the prawn the way I expected it. I was looking for bold, salty, savory but it was like two different flavors from two different elements that didn’t blend in together. 

Minced Wagyu Fried Rice
I seriously have no problem about the wagyu being minced since I’ve always loved beef fried rice and it’s very Chinese style that it’s minced instead of diced, but again it’s the matter of preference and both should be equally delicious if you know how to cook it beautifully! The wok-hei aroma and flavro of Chinese style fried rice are always my thing, and this was that, along with its simplicity, and light seasoning. LOVE!

Chilled Mango Pudding

For dessert, we had this Chilled Mango Pudding that’s simple, fresh, creamy, perfectly sweet and such a sweet closure/palate cleanser.

Some more shots from the lunch event that day! Courtesy of Sweet Escape!
Based on my visit to House of Yuen, I can proudly say that they are one of the best Chinese-Cantonese restaurants in town or at least one of my personal favorites! Great food, great service, reasonable pricing for the experience that you’re paying and I am so looking forward for the upcoming visits, and for sure experience the full courses.

Thank you House of Yuen for so far, one of the best lunches in 2017!

House of Yuen
Fairmont Hotel Jakarta 3rd fl.
Jl. Asia Afrika
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 – 2903 9172
Average spending for two: IDR 2 jt
Dresscode: smart casual


Map for Fairmont Hotel Jakarta