I was invited to the exclusive preview a few days ago and since the cafe is officially opening tomorrow, I thought I’mma do a brief review of it! Joe and Dough is located at the 2nd floor of Plaza Indonesia, precisely across Sephora and for those who are not aware, it’s originated from Singapore! In Singapore alone, they already have 12 outlets spread all over the country. They’re best known for their coffee and pastries but here they also cater mains too!

Something about the branding that I really like: simple with a pop factor, and the interior is also pleasant to the eye (and presence), it’s pop, vibey while still neat with touch of youthful and playful (sometimes I explain how I feel better with Indonesian slang words but I hope you get my point). At the front part of the cafe you’ll see pastries display and OMG they look so freaking tempting, there’s also a coffee bar and communal table in the center, AND BOY DO I APPRECIATE THE FACT THAT THEY HAVE SOY HERE!!! I have been trying to consume less and less full cream milk and opt for soy for substitute. I tried their SOY LATTE and to be frank it’s GOOD!!!
Besides their gorgeous flaky butter croissants, you can also find other ones more variants and flavors (matcha, cream) and some classics like Kouign Amman, Cruffins, various breads and CAKES, all displayed so so beautifully!
One of the highlighted cakes here has got to be the Black Sesame Cake, well I didn’t try this one as this was my friend’s order, but my friend said the cake was pretty tasty, pretty moist with the right sweetness and amount of black sesame flavor in a cake!
…why order separately when you can get both in a single serving? I’m talking about one of their signature menu: JD Cookie Coffee! It’s basically this Picollo style coffee inside this dense cookie cup and chocolate dressing at the lip area. I honestly found the cookie to be nice especially with that extra sweetness from the chocolate, and the coffee’s light (probably this lighter kind of Picollo compared to the ones that I’ve tried elsewhere), but with this lovely balance that I like and smooth aftertaste! The marshmallow really didn’t do much for me, I kinda ignored its presence LOL!
Their croissant is a strong contender for most patisseries in town, it is really really well made, scroll down to see the wonderful texture! It’s fragrant, flaky, airy, soft and not overly buttery just the kind of croissants that I like!
The croissants here are priced at IDR 25k
Smoked Salmon Hash with 63 Degree Egg – IDR 90k
This is just…SO GOOD! To be completely frank with you guys, way above my expectation! If you really look at it, it’s such a simple dish but everything’s altogether cooked or seasoned perfectly! The smoked salmon is given generously and so beautifully seasoned (just salty and fresh me super likey!), the sous vid egg is also perfect and the hash-brown has this beautiful crunch and moisture that I like! A MUST TRY!
I wish I can try more food to experience and review, but from what I’ve tasted, I found everything to be enjoyable, I am so going back for more food and for the ambiance, I think this will easily be one of my new favorite places in Plaza Indonesia to chill and have some alone time to work on my stuff, anyway welcome to my hometown and good luck!
Joe and Dough
Plaza Indonesia 2nd floor
Jakarta Pusat 10350
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: none