I AM SO HAPPY TO LET YOU GUYS KNOW THAT KAM’S ROAST (GOOSE) IS FINALLY IN INDONESIA!!! For those who are not familiar, Kam’s Roast Goose is a highly popular roast goose restaurant originated from Hong Kong and their Hong Kong branch has been awarded the Michelin star for years now, so you know what they say, when it’s Michelin awarded, it better be good!

Before you read further, unfortunately what I am about to say next will let a lot of people down, Kam’s is highly famous for their goose, but after further internal discussions about the market and the tough AVA regulation they decide to change their signature product with ducks, their Singapore branch also has no goose on the menu, that’s why they prefer to be called Kam’s Roast instead of Kam’s Roast Goose.

I went here for a quick lunch with sis and you know I am an observer, especially for little details, I don’t have to get in with the details, but I saw this man who (according to the waiters) is the person who grants franchise permission, and he was so busy serving the customers and making sure of this and that, I can tell that this restaurant and what they have in store are supervised carefully by the Hong Kong team (prolly after being awarded by Michelin), even the current restaurant manager is the Singapore branch’s restaurant manager, I believe he’s here for training purpose as well.

Since they’re still at their soft opening days, not every menu is available, they currently have no soup and porridge (heard it’s coming in a few weeks), but rice and their signature Hong Kong noodle are available! The price tag for most of the food are not the cheapest, but fair considering all the ingredient is imported for major quality control, expect to spend IDR 300-400k for two, still, way cheaper that what you have to spend in Singapore for two!

Wonton Noodles – IDR 59k 
Aside from Wonton Noodles, the other one available at the moment is the Seasonal Vegetable Noodles (IDR 39k) which I translate as plain noodle (minus the wonton), they also have the Wonton Soup (with 6 pcs of wonton – IDR 59k). I like the fact that the noodle’s pretty springy (even though the one in HK felt a tad springi-er for me) with this eggy aroma that I fond of from Hong Kong noodles! The noodle’s topped with shrimp roe for fragrance and a hint of flavor. I have to let you guys know that if it’s your first time having Hong Kong noodles like this kind, don’t expect the kind of seasoning like our local’s “Mie Ayam”, they’re lighter and more plain in flavor, and while you can have it just like that, the noodle’s sometimes meant to be paired with other toppings like meat, wontons for more kick and fun.

The wonton was decent: meaty and quite tasty.

NOW MOVING ON TO THE ONE WHICH GOT ME SUPER IMPRESSED, or should I say, #TERNANGIS2018 – THE MEAT PLATTER AS SEEN BELOW!!! Aside from the roasted goose, one of Kam’s signature product which gained it some recognition is the “Toro” Char Siu (BBQ Pork Ribs – IDR 180k), it was such heaven on my palate!!! The “Toro” is made from premium pork belly which is marinated and seasoned with their secret sauce then perfectly cooked afterwards, I had one of those “melt in your mouth” moment yesterday! It’s super juicy, fatty, and tender in the same time, such a beautiful harmony of flavors and I am infact, CRAVING FOR ONE!!! LEGIT MUST TRY!

The Pork Belly’s intentionally seasoned to be a tad salty but I LOVE IT! I think I have not eaten a pork belly this good in a while, I mean a lot of good ones but the crunchiness and the fattiness of this pork belly is on a different level, again maybe the imported ingredients? Why can’t pork belly like this be paired with Babi Guling seasoning I swear it would be cray good!


 Roast Duck (1/4 Upper – IDR 170k, 1/4 Lower – IDR 180k, Half – IDR 310k, Whole – IDR 548k)

I think my picture kinda did the justice this time, as you can probably see, it’s so thick, so meaty and fatty in the same time and I promise you I didn’t alter the image LOL! Even tho there’s still a difference between goose and duck as they have their own unique character, the roast duck was not bad at all: still meaty, still tender with the base seasoning that’s already good enough, but if you fancy, their signature plum sauce is served separately, for preference, but I really didn’t need one.

I don’t know, but even from my first visit, if they can keep up with the quality and performance, I honestly think this will be one of those restaurants in Pantai Indah Kapuk that can actually survive for a certain period of time (well let’s hope longer), and one of those restaurants that when you think of good food (particularly good duck), worth the trip to PIK. Good luck and warm welcome to Indonesia!

Kams Roast Goose Indonesia
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No. 2-3
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara – 14460
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: none