Right after trying out King Mango, me and Yenny went to this newly opened cafe in Pluit Karang Timur called Kata-Kata which just opened two days ago and special thanks to my some of Instagram followers for letting me know about this place! You guys rock!

Kata-Kata is located precisely next to Eng’s Resto (which has been around for quite some time) and honestly from the picture sent to me and (from checking their Instagram) I had this picture of this minimalist neat wide space but it was actually less spacious that what I expected but still had this homey minimalist vibe to it, upon entrance you’ll see several marble tables which would be the ‘it’ spot with the best outdoor lighting for your picture. The indoor lighting is a bit dim but if you’re just here to eat (which I initially did and didn’t plan to blog about this), then all good.

It was pretty packed the moment we were there and one thing that I noticed was good from this cafe was the service, I notice the people there were pretty attentive in serving us since our arrival. I seriously didn’t have any freaking idea that they were having a 50% discount that’s running at the moment during their opening days so YES expect to have half your bill cut off! When I posted this on my Instagram a lot of you actually asked me when is the promotion ending but I really don’t have any idea and I didn’t ask them either, so maybe hit them on the Instagram DM for details (but don’t ask for free food!), but one thing for sure, the cafe opens EVERYDAY from 7-10 AM.

I was so exhausted the whole day and too lazy to move my ass so if you want to see the interior go check Yenny’s blog post -> HERE

We ordered drinks and some food to share. I ordered their Iced Cappucino which came in a smiley price tag of IDR 27k (so rare these days) but it was too watery. Yenny ordered the Iced Chocolate and it was too watery as well. I didn’t try Yenny’s husband’s drink but improvement’s needed on those two.

Iced Cappuccino – IDR 27k

Cheese Loaded Meet Fries – IDR 45k

Beautifully cooked waffle fries topped with beef chili and generous cheese, well I mean what can go wrong? Easily enjoyed this one to the last bite.

Salted Egg Rice Bowl – IDR 45k

First things first, for the salted egg rice bowl you can choose the protein depending on your preference such as: chicken, roast/fried pork. We gave the ‘roast pork’ a try.

Basically warm rice topped with your selection of protein drenched in salted egg sauce, scrambled egg, confit shitake mushroom and edible flowers for beauty. Somehow to be completely frank the pictures on the menu screamed louder than the real appearance. I expected creamy gooey runny scrambled egg, well this one’s creamy too but not what I had in mind initially, and the biggest letdown was the salted egg sauce, it was lacking the salted egg flavor and just plain creamy. I think we should have gone for the fried pork for texture as I was diggin everything, there was nothing that stood out in terms of texture, the roast pork was tender and fatty, the scrambled egg was creamy and we need something to balance the palate.

Our XL Cheeseburger – IDR 65k

Again, if you already look at the menu you’ll expect a very dirty burger where the sauce’s oozing but this one was not, even the cheddar cheese you’re seeing here. I think it’s a must for me to have the cheddar on my burger melted (maybe not you but it is for me). The ground beef patty was slightly dry and under-seasoned just like the handcut fries, it was altogether underseasoned. This can seriously perform better, I can see that.

The fries might be underseasoned but I love the idea of serving it in this cute supermarket stroller

Even before the discount, I think generally the price tag for the food and drink here is pretty affordable for today’s standard, but I expected more from the food and I believe they can do better, I don’t think it’s the ingredient, it’s just they’re not brave enough with the performance for the flavor and seasoning, actually a bit of tweaking here and there can really improve the quality of the food here, it’s better to be bold than weak and the best of luck for them!

Kata-Kata eattomeet
Pluit Karang Timur Blok O8T No. 59
Muara Karang
Pluit, Jakarta Utara 14450
0815 – 8063 – 838
Opening hours: 7 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 150k
Dresscode: none

Map for Eng’s Resto