I JUST JUST came back from the launching of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)’s newest creation and one that I honestly didn’t see coming: KFC CHOCHICKS: SPICY CHOCOLATE CHICKEN! Yes their fragrant crispy chicken meets sweet and spicy chocolate sauce dressed on top!

The invitation was such a tease and I swear I didn’t know what the product was until 30 minutes ago when they revealed the poster! Today, November 1st 2017, marks the first day this product being sold widely at all KFC Indonesia outlets so if you feel like trying this combo, get up and drive your asses to KFC outlet nearest to you!
the invitation
I ordered two Cho Chicks (one breast and one upper-thigh) + mineral water + Cocoa Blazt Sundae and everything cost me around IDR 58k, the Cho Chicks combo with French Fries/Rice starts at IDR 30,455 and the Cocoa Blazt Sundae add on is IDR 8,182 (with the chicken).

My take about this creation?
I was honestly a bit skeptical and thought this was going to be a complete mess, but I think they clever-ed up and created a chocolate sauce that’s not overly sweet with spicy flavor infused (the spiciness reminds me of their red bellpepper and for me it’s pretty spicy), the texture of the chocolate sauce was thick & creamy, overall I honestly think the flavor kinda match and not at all weird, BUT I don’t think I will treat this as my regular menu here because I always pair my beloved KFC with rice and I don’t think the chocolate goes well with rice, so an occasional snack it is.

What do you think? Let me know I am so excited to hear what you think about this!!!

Bitch I mean look at that highlight, glow to the light!
 Thank you for reading!!!