Last night I was invited to the launching of Kuliner Indonesia Kaya web series along with the cooking demo and breakfasting at Almond Zucchini Prapanca, first things first special thanks to William and Edi from VosFoyer for having me! It was a rather private event and I had quite a fun there!

you can click here to watch the web series
Indonesian food is always going to be a part of me and as cliche as it sounds, you can take me out of Indonesia but you can’t the Indonesia out of me! I feel like as an Indonesian myself, I have the responsibility and urge to preserve the culture and for me personally, the easiest way is to actually cook it at home, lucky for me I have an amazing mom with terrific cooking skill and I love cooking too even though I know I might not ever be as good as my mom (and the patience to cook too) and to be completely frank certain Indonesian food is seriously complicated to execute but that doesn’t mean  that it’s impossible to do! That’s why these web series aim to help newbies like us me to prepare, cook and give us deeper knowledge about Indonesian food.
While waiting for the “breakfast” time to come they did a cooking demo with Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia and Jordi Onsu, the awesome people from ACMI are here to help the web series with concepting, preparation, recipes and more, along with valuable tips on where to buy certain ingredient for that bang of your buck, Jordi himself is going to be the host of the web series.
Here’s the first episode of their YouTube video where they will be talking (and actually cooking) Minang food. They also made a traditional Minang sweets, Sarikayo, on the cooking demo yesterday.
One of the food that’s being served for breakfasting last night: SOTO BETAWI, also a cooking demo on this. I mean can you look at this thick creamy soup!!! Trivia: do you know what there are around 40 kinds of soto in Indonesia? If not then boy you have to check out the web series.
Preparing for the Sarikayo! Sarikayo is steamed kaya dessert, and commonly consist of mainly eggs.
Pandan extract, the main ingredient to get that green color (and of course the signature rich Pandan flavor and fragrance)
Finish product! Kaya’s normally paired with bread or sticky rice but I had this just like that last night and depending on your preference you can either have it hot or chilled, but the chilled version’s the best for me!
Prepating the Soto Betawi! Look at that hot chunky beef! Quick tip, in order to maintain the tenderness of the beef, they suggested that we don’t slice the beef into tiny pieces before boiling it.
SOTO BETAWI DONE! Paired with homemade pickles and chili
Now after all the cooking it’s time to break the fasting as Adzan finally arrived and it’s time for the Muslim friends to indulge on all the delicacies served that night. It was nothing simple, just humble dinner with beautiful table setting tho! On the tables were some fried light bites, little mung bean desserts, rice, takjil and beverages then followed by more condiments like fried soya bean cake, beancurd and perkedel (potato cake), Soto Betawi and Sarikayo! No complaint about the food, everything was beautifully cooked and tasty! 
Es Podeng as the sweet closure to the awesome dinner!

The web series are the birthchild of Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation in collaboration with Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia and Kokiku TV! KUDOS to the three and their effort to preserve the life of Indonesian food! LONG LIVE INDONESIAN FOOD!

Indonesia Kaya official website – WWW.INDONESIAKAYA.COM

Don’t forget to check out Kokiku TV YouTube channel too! Seriously one of the best cooking YouTube channels in Indonesia.

Thank you for having me last night! It was a bliss!!!