It was back in 2016 where I had Lune for the very first time and that particular experience was a bliss, that very first bite introduced me to the best croissant that I’ve had in my life, even beating the one that I had in Paris. It was sensational, the kind of experience that I had to repeat, and glad I did on my latest trip to Melbourne last week.

Anyway I guess you kinda know from the opening that this is going to be a positive review! Posting this on my blog is almost mandatory so yeah…

Planned to blog about my first experience to Lune but I lost my external hard drive last year to a bitch who borrowed and never return mine so short to say all photos from my trip to Australia two years ago are now gone *sad*, but anyway let’s not focus on that, instead this.

I heard from my Melbournian friends that Lune initially started off as a small hole-in-the-wall bakery before opening the larger Fitzroy outlet in 2015, part of me kinda wished that I had actually queued there during the early days of Lune (my friends actually queued since 5 AM in the morning) but I think I am often lucky with queues as I never queued for Lune from the two visits (lucky timing I guess).

Lune opens at 7:30 AM and closes at 3 PM daily, but on super busy days, most pastries can be gone (sold out) by 10 AM, if I am not mistaken I arrived around 1 PM that day and most of the items were still available.
The Fitzroy outlet is so spacious, almost like you’re in a bakery lab with minimalist design, open kitchen concept and freshly baked aromatic pastries lingers all over the shop.
First timers should indulge on their original Croissant (AUD 5.5) aka the number one best selling item here, not the cheapest for croissant but quality wise, awesome! The croissant has this incredibly flaky and crunchy coating, also so buttery and aromatic that your senses almost play together on each bite.
I also love the hint of salty & savory from the croissant, just so addicting I couldn’t stop munching damnit. I didn’t have each of everything and chose to stick to the classic original and Almond, my friend had the Pain au Chocolate and it was not bad, but not out of the world good. They also have Coconut Pandan, Sticky Date Pudding, Shaker Lemon Pie, assorted Cruffins, some savory pastries like Ham & Gruyere, Reuben and if you’re lucky the seasonal Macadamia & Salted Caramel Croissant.
Pain au Chocolat

Almond Croissant – AUD 8.5

If the texture of the original croissant is already that good, the extra crunch from the almond and the powder sugar sweetness just elevated that, AUD 8.5 is not cheap when it comes to a single croissant but for once in a lifetime experience (which I doubt will be the one and only), I freaking would! The jam was flavorful and so generous (maybe even too generous), altogether sinfully delicious!

Short to say, still is THE BEST croissants I’ve ever had in my life, not the cheapest but worth the incredible rave, after all mastering the art of croissant is not easy too, it needs special skill, diligence and patience. Bravo, Lune!
Lune Croissanterie Melbourne
119 Rose Street, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
+61 3 9419 2320
Opening hours:
Mon, Thu, Fri: 7:30 AM-3 PM
Sun-Sat: 8 AM-3 PM
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Average spending for two: $15
Dresscode: casual

Map for Lune Croissanterie