It was an impromptu visit with friends to this newly opened (and highly talked about) restaurant when I didn’t pack my guns with me, so shoutout to my dear friend for allowing me to use his camera.

The last two weeks the name “Madagaskar” has been on my radar and carefully got into my ear after my cousin first talked about it, he brought the whole family to this ‘family’ and kid friendly restaurant for the kids to have fun in this jungle-ish vibe restaurant and told me the kids had good fun, and that’s what popped into my mind the first time I stepped myself in the restaurant, it really is a family restaurant. It was packed with customers that weekend afternoon and yes mostly families with little kids where they posed around the souvenir store, ‘crocodile’ and basically everywhere. The souvenir store would be the first thing that you’ll see as soon as you step inside but to get the jungle vibe is barely a core because it’s everywhere.

Madagaskar is a restaurant that’s owned and managed by the same people who own Marche, both in Plaza Senayan and located close to one another and now locating the spot of what used to be Melting Pot. It’s hard for me to believe that it was actually Melting Pot as I still vividly remember how spacious, neat and ‘expensive’ looking the restaurant was and now it’s a completely different setting, basically miniature jungle with greens, branches, replicas of this and that everywhere. I notice the restaurant has two stories but I am pretty sure that there is no smoking area around the restaurant.

They have WIDE selections of food here, like wide enough that it’s almost hard to decide one because everything looks so good on the menu, while they’re mainly Western dishes but when I asked the waiters there, the Indonesian food selections are the ones that they claim to be strong at, but we weren’t feeling Indonesian food that time so we opted for the followings (keep the Indonesian food for the possible future visits), but price wise I would say it’s more to the affordable side (in contrary to the fact that it’s located in Plaza Senayan and recent cafe standard), expect to find food that ranges around IDR 30k-150k, and for the drinks, expect to find various tea, coffee, juice, mocktails, and cocktails that ranges between IDR 20k-IDR 100k.

Ravin Teriyaki Edamame – IDR 30k
This was a decent starter to the lunch before the big guys came to the table, it’s edamame generously dressed with garlic and teriyaki sauce. Generous dressing on the coating that it’s almost better than the edamame itself.

Sweet Ostrict BBQ Fries – IDR 48k
Unless you have specific restrictions, it would be hard to decide which one for the table when it comes to the fries as they all looked freaking tempting!!! The Sweet Ostrict fries consist of shoestring fries topped with chicken, mushroom, mozarella cheese then dressed with homemade BBQ sauce! While I expected more chicken chunks, overall it’s hard to go wrong with a simple friendly guilty pleasure like this.

Fowl Oatmeal – IDR 60k
To be completely frank, this was MY FAVORITE DISH among everything you’re seeing here. The chicken was beautifully deep fried with fresh tender chicken meat and generously seasoned with oatmeal, salt, pepper, chili, curry leaves and more. It was a bit spicy but addicting at the same time and I don’t know why but I felt like having powdered sambal matah which was good.

Fried Mushroom Platter – IDR 68k
Another one that’s easy to love: simple beautifully fried assorted mushrooms! Didn’t expect that they would nail the frying that beautiful to be honest (sorry skeptical bitch here).

Carnivore Bolognaise Pasta – IDR 70k
This might look small on this picture but this pasta was actually VERY generous that you can actually share it with two. I found this to be just OK, nothing stood out, the bolognaise tasted a bit burnt but I am weak for pasta that even though it’s not that good I managed to keep on digging it slowly that it’s finished.
Poultry Baked Rice – IDR 50k
This happened to be a classic example of a menu picture so good that it’s disappointing when it’s served. I expected chunky mouthwatering chicken katsu as displayed on the menu and I got thin ones, expected the basil rice to be awesome too but the rice was a bit hard and overall I didn’t find this special.

We ordered three more food aside from the ones you saw above but I felt bad about taking pictures of some of them as it was my friends’ order and they were super hungry that I didn’t want to hold up any longer. Anyway they also have kids menu here for the little ones, steaks, burgers (I saw this gigantic burger with double patties served on the table next to me) and more! That’s my simple review of this newly opened restaurant, thank you for reading!

Plaza Senayan 5th floor
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 – 5790 6082
Opening Hours: 11 AM – 11:30 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k for two
Dresscode: sporty casual


Map for Plaza Senayan