Following the success of their Apple Pie, McDonald’s Indonesia just recently launched their newest addition to the Apple Pie family: APPLE BANANA PIE! In this entry, I am going to make a short and brief review of this particular product, which I believe is going to be trending real real soon!

Starting off with the pop yellow-orange-ish, red packaging, quite eye-catching to start with. Each Apple Banana Pie is sold for IDR 11k! Talk about affordable dessert following the savory dishes, or just in time when you fancy something different that their regular ice cream cone/McFlurry!

Okay, as you guys can see from the picture (or at least I can see), the texture/coating is flaky and crunchy, and plus it’s fragrant too, and boy, flavor wise, I think I am rooting this over the regular apple pie as the banana cream is creamy but in the same time light and beautifully sweet, the ratio between the banana cream and apple pie was pretty balanced too! Anyway if you expect the banana to be this real diced cut banana, then you won’t find it here, but at least what I can tell you is that the banana cream doesn’t taste too artificial, overall, simple, comforting, sweet dessert for the sweet closure, or all day snack!

Squeezed the pie for you to see the banana cream!

Unfortunately, I have to point out the inconsistency, I purchased two and the other one doesn’t have as generous banana cream as the other one.

In the mean time, even after the inconsistency, I’m approving this one! This would be easily acceptable by everyone.