Has it been a week after I reviewed McD’s latest Apple Banana Pie? They surely not taking Ramadhan for granted and start pushing another product of theirs that I just had earlier today (and coincidentally launched today): it’s the MCD AYAM KREMES SAMBAL MATAH!!! The set menu which comes with their scrambled egg (special) and Kedondong Fizz is priced at IDR 41,5k (after tax), and I am going to give you guys a very brief review of this product!

I FUCKING LOVE IT! First, you can choose to have either their CRISPY or SPICY fried chicken to be in the set, and I tried both, but I guess since I was feeling something spicy, I kinda liked the combo between the spicy fried chicken with sambal matah! The sambal matah tho, it may not appear like the sambal matah that’s freshly made (even though it is) with the red shallot, lemongrass, red chilli, etc, and it appears more like sambal ijo, but flavor wise… LOVEWORTHY! It had that sambal matah character, fragrance, spiciness (it’s pretty spicy), and seasoning, and for me, match so well with their spicy fried chicken (and if you are like me, the spicier the better kind of guy I bet you’re going to love it!), the rice is of course something you just can’t take off, the scrambled egg here acts like the palate cleanser and neutralizer from the spiciness!
The idea to use Kedondong Fizz is pretty smart, however, for me, it doesn’t really taste like kedondong, especially since I am an avid fan and the one that I normally had at QQ Kopitiam is original and taste different, but aside from that, a fresh thirst quencher that doesn’t taste like kedondong LOL.