I once stumbled upon this article where Instagram now has such huge influence in ‘reshaping’ arts, therefore more and more interactive museums such as selfie museums are opening worldwide and I’m not saying this one is BASED on Instagram but from my experience, it surely is interractive and they allow cameras in too for visitors to take pictures! Sharing you guys (as this post is written) the NEWEST interactive museum opening in Jakarta: MOJA MUSEUM!

Okay, first I don’t do museum reviews, so I am going not going to be a nosy ass who acts like I know a lot about art and museum (well I enjoy art but to actually ‘review’ I need deeper knowledge and understanding), so this post is just going to be me sharing my favorite spots from the MOJA museum. I am also going to answer two of the most asked questions regarding my visits here: where in Pondok Indah this actually is? Okay so if you make your way from PIM 1 and Street Gallery, go straight until you found the turnaround, then you turn around, and after, it should be at your left side, fortunately the location is already registered at Google Maps so you can easily type in the name “Moja Museum” and the app will direct you! Secondly, the ticket price.
They open daily from 11 AM-7 PM, weekdays ticket for adults is IDR 100k (seniors above 65 IDR 90k, children under 6 IDR 90k), and IDR 125k on weekends (seniors and children IDR 115k).
Ticket booth
I honestly don’t remember exactly how many rooms the whole museum’s divided (and again sorry I don’t know the names of each room), but I think more than 10 and several rooms are sponsored, and the flow is just like the Selfie Museum that I visited in KL: basically a one way flow, well quite frankly I think it’s mainly a formality, I think it all goes back to your own etiquette, going to keep it a 100 and straight to the point: just don’t be such a bitch, one that takes so long and takes so many pictures to the point where it’s annoying to other people.
ARCADE ROOM, where you can take pictures with the red, yellow and green lines or pose with the game machine like I did.
Oh, I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS on my DM asking me where I bought the CUAN tees, it’s from this shop called POLONIAN.

One of my favorite rooms: THE CLOUD ROOM with colorful swings and rainbow on the background, the “cloud” is actually cottons and beware as it’s quite slippery!

Another personal favorite: the colorful mural room where you can draw, color or write things with these ginormous SNOWMAN markers.

The Red Room is the most contrast, but in the same time one that’s simple and another favorite of mine, took some nice hypebeast shit photos here, quick tip: pack your photo with hefty grain and dust effect!

The cinema room has this ginormous popcorn ball bath where you can ‘swim’ in and take some nice pics. A tad tacky for me LOL!

They provide small popcorn snacks at the Cinema room and Marie Duo cookies #sponsors
The confetti room, flying the confetti wasn’t as easy as I thought.
There you have it, my brief written experience from my visit to MOJA museum! I hope you have fun exploring the museum and tag me on your photos for me to check out!
MOJA Museum
Jalan Metro Pondok Indah Blok TB No. 27
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan
Opening hours: 11 AM-7 PM