After the Korean BBQ fiesta on my last entry, it’s time to talk about my favorite Japanese shabu-shabu in town! I think it was last week after returning from Bali (and after not meeting my sister for quite some time) we went on a lunch date at the newly opened Momo Paradise Senopati! This is their second outlet following their first outlet in Pantai Indah Kapuk.

A little background about Momo Paradise: it’s an all you can eat shabu-shabu restaurant originated from Shinjuku, Japan! First opened in Japan back in 1993 then followed by the expansion all over Asia at countries like Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia! They’re also in the USA and at the moment (and by the time this post is published), 69 is the amount of restaurants they have all over the world.

Here’s a funny thing that I just realized while writing this post: their Senopati outlet is located precisely where the restaurant (also named) Momo was, but of course the interior and the overall look was so much different! Up until now, I haven’t been to their PIK outlet, but judging from the facade I do think the PIK outlet is slightly more spacious! I enjoyed the vibe of the interior, I think it’s properly simple for a shabu-shabu restaurant with dimmed warm lighting all around, they also have a few VIP rooms for customers who fancy the slightly more private ambiance and private dining experience.

Let’s start inspecting the condiment station! From what I saw (and I did see each and every single one of it), I think the ingredients were fresh and well prepared, the station was also clean and neat! There were quite a variety of greens and condiments to choose like garland chrystanthemum, ginseng leaves, carrots, lettuce, mushrooms, tofu, spring onions, sweet potatoes to dipping sauces and some chops (negi, chili and garlic).
The all you can eat items (aside from the beef and condiments) include: rice, ramen, udon, ice cream and drinks!

So before actually diving to the shabu-shabu, customers are required to choose the kind of meat and soup base that they fancy at that moment (just like how most shabu-shabu restaurants do it). For the beef, there are 4 options: US Chuck Eyeroll, US Short Plate, Wagyu Brisket and Wagyu Chuck Eyeroll, okay let me say this out loud: THEY SERVE GOOD QUALITY MEAT HERE, EVEN THE CHEAPEST OPTION WAS GREAT! I’ve been to numerous shabu-shabu restaurant in town and compared to its peers, meat quality wise Momo Paradise is far ahead of them, but don’t compare this to Shabu Gen okay since they’re so different! For the Wagyu, I heard they’re using Australian Wagyu hence the awesome marbling, but in the same time less in fat. Price range for the shabu-shabu here starts from IDR 200k++ to 500k++ (in the future price may vary).

For the soup, you can choose to have either one variant of soup/two soups in one! Do note that they don’t have personal pot here for each visitor, the soup will be served in this big pot and meant to be shared. You can choose between Shabu-Shabu (original), Mushroom, Kimchi (a hint of spicy), and Sukiyaki (soy-ish flavor, slightly bolder in flavor with beautiful blend of sweet and savory). I highly recommend ordering the more premium beef like Wagyu if you’re planning to have Sukiyaki soup as I do personally think it’s BEST paired. I am not the biggest fan of their Shabu-Shabu (original) broth as it was so light, I tend to have the soup too when it comes to shabu-shabu so I kinda crave the bolder, richer broth.
Oh yeah, special shout out to the service of the restaurant as I do think that the waiters and waitresses were very attentive in serving us, I love how they actually explained things and recommending us with options that might be better like particular soup for this meat and that, advicing us on how we should cook and have the meat without the intention of being annoying, etc, it’s just a sweet little gesture I guess. They also bring us the Ponzu sauce and some other sauce, but I am a classic shabu-shabu person who don’t really mix my beef with sauces so I completely ditched the sauce LOL and plus, thanks to the bold soup like Kimchi and Sukiyaki, the flavor’s absorbed to the beef that I personally found it good even without the dipping sauces!
Chicken meatball!
Kimchi and Mushroom soup – the kimchi soup was flavorful, mild spicy for me but certainly delicious.
Some humble shabu-shabu spread 😛
Ramen (oh I love their ramen) and they have this 7 seconds rule where it’s best to enjoy the ramen after being cooked in the broth for 7 seconds, still pretty much firm, moist yet springy.
Each plate is approximately 100 grams!
Just gonna cut to the chase and tell you that when it comes to meat, of course you’re getting what you paid for, the more expensive the meat options mean the better quality of meat they have to offer. I told you that even the cheapest options are already good, but if you’re expecting that melt in your mouth fiesta, of course go for their best option!
Water will be prepared specifically for their Sukiyaki soup to dilute the intensity of the flavor, and when you order the Sukiyaki soup, you’ll be given fresh eggs where you can dip the Sukiyaki-broth-covered meat in it for some extra creamy goodness. My sister was completely not in for the idea but since I’ve been familiar with this idea, I think it’s a complete yes! Omega egg is used here so expect it to be completely fresh.
We were offered desserts for sweet closure, opted for the available two: assorted ice cream and mochi!
My lunch was all good, no complaint, it’s that easy to claim Momo Paradise as one of the best shabu-shabu restaurants in Jakarta! Outstanding performance, wonderful quality offered and attentive service to follow, what’s really not to love? KEEP UP THE GOOD PERFORMANCE PLEASE!!!
Momo Paradise
Jalan Senopati Raya No. 92
Senopati – Kebayoran Baru

Jakarta Selatan 12110
Opening hours: 11 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 500k
Dresscode: none


Map for Momo Paradise Senopati