Last night I came to the opening of this highly anticipated restaurant (for me) in Plaza Indonesia: Mother Monster, which is the brainchild of two big players in the Jakarta F&B industry: The Common Grounds and Biko group! Common Grounds is very popular for their brunch cafes and gorgeous coffees and Biko for its chic nightlife scene (and good drinks too!). When I know that my dear friend, Gloria Susindra is the head chef (aka mother/monster of the kitchen) I kinda had this good feeling (or should I say expectation) because I’ve always loved her food ever since the St. Ali days and I know she’s very talented, but of course even though they’re my friends that doesn’t mean that I am not going to be an honest review.

Mother Monster is located at the 1st level of Plaza Indonesia replacing what was Sushi Tei and precisely beside also the newly opened So Thai (which I visited last week but haven’t written the review :*). It’s super catchy from the outside with their grey couch, coffee bar and a peek to their pink room, actually the fact that they named this restaurant Mother Monster is already fuckin catchy.

 Restaurant entrance

I love how the different vibe of each room kinda transfer me to a different space, the ‘outdoor’ seating is a bit more laid back, the pink room (which is my personal favorite) is a sweeter and more feminine, while the bar and dining area at the back is a bit darker, louder with more ‘party’ vibe. I’m pretty sure that their Pink Room is going to be hit as it’s pastel pretty and very Instagenic!

Their toilet is also pretty catchy with a framed picture of Don*ld Tr*mp and a word on top of his face.

 The back dining area

For the food here, they’re trying to offer mainly Western comfort food like salad, pasta, steaks, brunch meals and healthy indulgences, also several selections for vegetarians and vegans! Since this is the brainchild of Common Grounds and Biko of course expect to find freshly roasted coffees (and I’m glad that they bring the Flora Technica blend here!), as well as selections of fun cocktails, mocktails, liquors and more! Quick scan of the menu and honestly the price tag is not bad at all (I mean for recent cafe’s standard) food starts around IDR 40k-300k and drinks starts around IDR 30k.

Not Your Basic B***h – IDR 55k

Complimentary – Crustacean Toast
This was the complimentary from the house (thank you guys!), deep fried toast topped with fresh shrimp and Chili Aioli dressing! The dressing really enchances the performance of this dish.

Complimentary – Pleasure Garden
Another complimentary, champ on presentation, cute af but this one’s pretty strong with Vodka base I guess? I don’t know I am not very big on drinks correct me if I’m wrong, but for the cuteness sake and sweet bold punch,

Monster Chicken Skin (with Indomie seasoning) – IDR 50k

Glad I ordered this, well first because I can never say no to mouthwatering looking chicken skin, secondly for how perfectly this is cooked! Crispy, crunchy without being oily (and not to mention for the big pieces). One thing that’s lacking was the Indomie seasoning, when I read ‘Indomie’ on the menu I expected in your face, full blown MSG.

48-Hour Ragout Pasta

Their pasta was SERIOUSLY DELICIOUS! Perfectly al-dente Pappardelle with beautifully seasoned Ragu alla Bolognese, generous minced beef! My palate was seriously spoiled with savory goodness, altogether a simple dish but all about the rich flavor! MUST ORDER!

Hungry Wagyu Top Sirloin 200 gr – IDR 250k

Technically a secondary cut beef but they managed to cook it beautifully without bothering the good marbling! Still very tender, very juicy just how I like it.

They have some side dishes to pair the steaks with (or simply as a la carte dishes). I had the Tiny Corn (IDR 45k) and Cauliflower (IDR 45k). Loving the cauliflower A LOT!

Magic Shroom Burger – IDR 115k

From their “I Don’t Eat Meat” menu aka vegetarian menus! Battered chunky portobello mushroom with handcut fries! Mushroom was uber juicy, fresh and packed with flavors, but oh quick tip: ask for the confit aioli for your burger for extra flavor!

After packing myself with quite a lot of food, still in need for dessert so I opted for a light one like this Mango dessert, another complimentary on the house! The mango sorbet was BOMB, and I uber love the cashew sponge cake, very soft, fluffy and not sweet! If you still have the tummy to indulge on dessert, choose the chocolate version of this, flavor wise, I like that one better!

Mother Monster is the kind of cafe that I like, even though they might not have something new or unique to offer but F&B wise, they’re serious and as I am typing this I am still drooling over their ragu pasta, it’s THAT good for me.

Mother Monster
Plaza Indonesia 1st fl.
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 28-30
Jakarta Pusat 10350
Opening hours: 10 AM-12 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual