I went to Nutrive Benecol’s event a while ago at The Hall – Senayan City, and as you guys probably know, Nutrive Benecol is one of the leading products by Kalbe that’s targeted to people who has cholesterol and to those who want to maintain the level of cholesterol in their system! The older I am now the more I realize how cholestrol is not something to underestimate, it’s the prime trigger of the heart disease and cancer, which last year alone caused the death of 2,6 million people! 29% of the 2,6 million comes from southeast Asia, with Europe being the largest victims.

For those who wonder about cholesterol, anybody has the equal chance of getting, but different people has different take on it, short to say the cholesterol value depends and varies on what we eat, our lifestyle and supporting factor such as: age, do NOTE this: just because you do tons of exercise, sports and watch what you eat doesn’t mean that you’re free of one. Keep reading to relate to this because I have an interesting story to share.

What I love the most about this Nutrive Benecol event, aside from sharing knowledge about cholesterol and such, is how you can check your cholesterol ON THE SPOT! Team of doctors and nutritionist were there to cater us with details on general health and cholesterol maintenance suggestion, and of course, yours truly had his checked up too!

Cooking demo featuring Nutrive Benecol products!
  What’s your favorite Nutrive Benecol products? Mine’s their go-to bottle packaging that I can easily grab everywhere! They also have the cereal packaging that you can serve for breakfast!
I can’t believe that the sub-info of cholesterol is WIDE, when I say wide I mean I just knew that blood also contains fat and cholesterol is also IN YOUR BLOOD! Might be basic info for some, but when you’re aware of that you’ll understand how the basic info can help you big time, and the whole I was just eating and eating, when I feel like eating too much I kinda hold my back a bit and that’s pretty much it, I have no idea anything else deeper than that really, and that’s probably why I recommend you guys coming to events like this.
Our lifestyle also takes big part of the cholesterol, if you never hear about “SEDENTARY” lifestyle, that’s literally a word to describe my daily life at the moment, where on a daily basis, I don’t really move or do a lot of sports, and in contrary to that I spend most of my time sitting down, working stuff on my laptop (writing, editing, making plans and journals) and yes, when you don’t do a lot of walking/sports it can affect the amount of cholesterol carried in your blood, and that could lead to coronary heart disease (from the blockage of the veins which is also known as ‘Aterosklerosis’).

I was honestly a bit nervous when it’s my turn to do the check up as two of my friends who let’s say has the ideal body and as far as I concern do a lot of sports SURPASSED the cholesterol level standard, so I kinda think that I must got one as I don’t really do sports (the only sports that I do is jaw sports from chewing and walking at the malls), BUT it’s almost like magic when the nurse told me I was far from having cholesterol as my score was about 150 from 200! So tacky to think of it as magic, but I was kinda glad but in the same time freaking wonder WHY COULD I????? Was I completely saved? Not really! Apparently my SEDENTARY lifestyle required me to eat less fried stuff and do more sports!
Okay, I know I am partnering with them, but I NEVER titsuck and will always provide you guys with my real opinion towards it…AND AT THE MOMENT it’s proven that Nutrive Benecol can help you maintain the cholesterol in your system, just because I had none right now doesn’t mean that I am totally safe and can’t catch one in the future, maybe the idea is that we should never feel to safe therefore we always being remembered to maintain out health. 
After the high calorie and cholesterol food, two bottles of Nutrive Benecol per day to balance! If you have them regularly twice per day, in 1/2 weeks you can lose your LDL by 10-15%
For the milk drinks, it’s available in some variants: lychee, strawberry and blackcurrant! My favorite has got to be the blackcurrant for sure!

Thank you guys for reading! I am glad that as the years gone by, the more I realize that people are more and more into taking care of their health, health is everything for sure! Mari bersama-sama jadi generasi #IndonesiaTangkalKolesterol!