Pison Cafe is one of the cafes that I HAVE TO visit everytime I’m in Bali! For coffee fuel, either this or Revolver simply because there are not a lot of good coffee shops in Seminyak to be completely frank with you. Their Jakarta outlet is located at Senopati, taking over what previously the home to Mojo. The vibe of this particular outlet rings some good vibe of the Bali one, it’s pretty similar with their signature red brick wall, minimalist-industrial vibe only their Jakarta outlet is brighter, more neat and plus that rooftop area of theirs! OK TOUR!

Strada espresso machine! 
 Fresh, made to order coffee for you!
 Second level of the cafe
The rooftop area, to be frank not the most comfortable at the moment, hoping they would install the fan soon for better air circulation because it was pretty humid (probably because it just rained too)
Quick scan of their menu and I found that the coffee, food and pricing are pretty much the same as their Bali’s outlet…BUT it’s safe to say that they remove all pork menus here making Pison Jakarta 100% HALAL!!! Expect to find various coffee options like Espresso, Ristretto, Double Espresso, Special Manual Brews (India, El Salvador, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil), Macchiato, Long Black, Cappuccino, Flatwhite, Latte, Mocha, Marochina, Affogato with price ranging from IDR 30k-60k. Price range for the food starts from IDR 60k-90k (All Day breakfast, Asian, Western).

Iced Coffee with Bonsoy and Vanilla Ice Cream – IDR 65k 
This is OFF the menu but this is what I always order in Bali and GLAD they actually bring those freaking Bonsoy here! I am an avid fan of Bonsoy but not a lot of places carry this because the cost will then be very expensive to bear so when I have to have my craving fixed I usually go to Six Ounces or Cyclo, but the fact that PISON is actually here and this tasted just as good as the one in Bali, consistency wise, amazing! If you love bonsoy as much as I do and prefer the sweeter type of coffee, I hope our taste match!

Oxtail Fried Rice – IDR 85k 

You can’t go to Pison and not order their signature Oxtail Fried Rice because it’s my ultimate guilty pleasure everytime I’m here!!! Let’s start with that firm and dryer type of rice that’s always a proper fit for fried rice dishes, the seasoning is also spot on with smokey aroma, quite generous, chuncky and tender oxtail cuts, served with runny sunny side up (default, so if you want the cooked one do sound your request) and Emping crackers! Oh, if you want that extra kick, go with the spicy one!

Fish and Chips – IDR 75k
A little complaint for this one, this took 45 minutes to come out, pretty long for sure. I found this one just alright, nothing screams out of the world good, I personally like the dryer & crunchier coating when it comes to Fish and Chips, but the Tar Tar sauce was pretty good.

With the arrival of Pison, legit this would be one of the strongest coffee shops in town (especially if you love bold, dark, strong coffee) for in my opinion, their quality no longer needs to be questioned, anyway welcome to Jakarta and THE BEST OF LUCK!!!
Pison Coffee
Jl. Kertanegara No. 70
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12110
0817 – 4177 – 444
Opening Hours: 8 AM-10 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: none

Map for Pison Jakarta