NOW THIS IS SUPER EXCITED!!!!! The long awaited Sisterfields Jakarta is opening this Saturday, March 10th 2018 at PIK Avenue and yours truly got the very first exclusive preview of this uber famous Bali cafe and I am actually typing this post here as we’re still having a meeting for the grand opening (and I happen to be one of the host). Do note that this wouldn’t be a full review of the restaurant as the restaurant’s still doing some construction (posted the progress on my Instagram Stories) and perfecting the food, this was a private food tasting session and I’d like to give you guys the sneak preview of some of my favorite dishes and what you can expect here, including some new menus that’s only available in their Jakarta outlet.

Sisterfields is located at the PIK Avenue Sephora lobby! 
Interior progress, it’s not final yet so expect to be impressed by the time they’re done, but what I can tell you at the moment is that they’re still keeping the root of their flagship outlet design which is still minimalist, modern and industrial, only their PIK outlet is that, then you double the minimalist and modern vibe, they also have this bar area in the middle where guests who desire casual fun can sit around and drink some of their signature cocktails!
They’re currently using Siblings coffee to supply your coffee needs here. I can legit tell you that I love their coffee, soft balance and smooth aftertaste, watch out for their CHEESE TEA too!
 They’re pretty confident with their cocktails here and one of the signature here is their ‘East Side’ (not in the picture), it’s refreshing with a hint of cucumber and elderflower!
I have been an avid fan of Sisterfields for a long time, I think it was in 2014 when I first visited their Bali outlet and up until now (and hopefully on), it’s one of the busiest cafes in Seminyak, Bali, to the point where the group actually introduced Bo$$man (the burger cafe) and Bikini (a must visit) too, well really no wonder as the food is generally nice, beautifully presented and they’re also creative with their new menus! I know you guys are probably wondering what to eat here so let’s cut to the chase and actually check out the food that I had just earlier today! I tried so many earlier today but I decide not to put everything in and I’ll point out some of my favorites! 
Price range for the food starts from IDR 50k-180k, and drinks around IDR 20k-60k, more for cocktails.
Lamb Shoulder & Pearl Barley Salad – IDR 140k
Normally not the biggest fan of lamb but this one was an exception for sure, the lamb was fresh, not stinky and the elements in this dish works well with one another, talk about play of flavor and texture, you got cranberries, cucumber, pistachio, pomegranate and yogurt! YUM!

Vietnamese Poached Chicken Salad – IDR 95k 
This one’s so fresh, so flavorful, spot on seasoning (uber love the coconut cream dressing), crunchy fresh vegetables, textured rice for texture and of course, generous shredded chicken!

Crispy Chicken Drumettes – IDR 65k
Another one that I like for the spot-on seasoning and perfectly crunchy chicken! Anyway since they make it more to Asian style, you should know that this consist of shrimp paste with spicy mayo combo for the sauce.

Polenta Fries – IDR 75k
This is my regular order everytime I go to Sisterfields Bali for the healthier alternative to truffle fries LOL. Can’t compare this to truffle fries as both as totally different, and quite frankly I don’t know if most of you are going to like this, but personally for me, their polenta fries are always beautifully cooked, thick, and the Truffle Aioli sauce was a beautiful pair, along with the little bit of tangy and sourness infused.

Sisterfields Dirty Burger – IDR 110k
I remember vividly that this was the very first meal that I ordered on my very first visit to Sisterfields and apparently my love for it hasn’t changed! Still one of the best burgers you can find in Seminyak, the patty was so tender, aromatic, nicely seasoned and topped with generous cheese and onion rings, a simple-classic that’s spot on delicious!

 Chashu Pork Neck Ramen – IDR 125k

This is the menu that’s currently ONLY available at their Jakarta outlet, it’s refreshing to see a ramen dish on the menu and to me, this kinda works! First of all, the ramen’s not meant to be all wet, soupy like typical Japanese ramens, but the serving comes with this rich broth. The noodle’s more to the Soba kind, and the ramen’s consist of 63 degree sous vide egg, crispy enoki, chasiu pork neck, puffed pork skin, and kale furikake. The pork neck was SOOOO tender, flavorful, and the texture (firmness) of the soba was pretty good, then you got that crunchy texture play from the crispy enoki and pork skin. I was honestly a bit skeptical but turned out accepting this more that I thought I would.

Spicy Salmon Poke Bowl – IDR 120k
ONE OF MY NEW FAVORITE MENUS and a legit must order! I know you might think that it’s a tad too expensive for IDR 120k but I can assure you that they’re using premium Norwegian salmon here and the quality does not lie: it’s super fresh, smooth and silky! Inside you’ll also find edamame, avocado, seasoned sushi rice, wasabi rocket, toasted sesame! The spicy mayo, soy gel sauce had this wonderful balance that I like, it’s not overly spicy, and playful on my palate!

Oxtail Gnocchi – IDR 125k
Even though I expected the gnocchi to be a tad denser and firmer, the braised oxtail ragu was beautiful! So perfectly cooked, so tender, so nicely seasoned, altogether the kind of savory goodness that I like.

Pancakes and Raspberries
For all the sweet tooth in Jakarta, Sisterfields Jakarta is bringing their selections of tempting looking homemade cakes to the display and hopefully on your table! The cakes are available in slices or as a whole. Prices for sliced cakes start from IDR 55k-65k and whole cakes from IDR 575k-600k! I didn’t try each and every cake here (since I was so full from all the food!!!) but I seriously like their Carrot Cake (like so good and so moist), Chocolate Cherry (the one in the middle), and Vanilla Rose (white cake)
 Lemon Raspberry Almond and Caffe Mocha
 Must try: carrot cake!!!
That’s it, the brief review of Sisterfields Jakarta! I will definitely go back to make a full review of the restaurant and will update this post with the updated look and menus! Thank you guys for reading!
Sisterfields Jakarta
PIK Avenue
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
Penjaringan, Kamal Muara 
Jakarta Utara 14470
021 – 2251 0427
Opening hours: 8 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Sisterfields/PIK Avenue