The pioneer of the legit one-priced sushi in town, Sushi Go, just recently opened their latest outlet in Grand Indonesia and guess who’s freaking excited? ME (and I’m sure a lot of you too!), this is officially their second outlet after the well-accepted first outlet at Dotonburi PIK Avenue!

I came here with my preggo sis for lunch and the whole restaurant was full-house, but since they’re located inside the Grand Indonesia’s newly opened foodcourt, Foodprint, this outlet is a tad smaller than the PIK Avenue outlet, but they occupy this seating space precisely in front of the restaurant where you can dine and hang around.

I notice that they apply the ‘Airport’ theme for this outlet
Fresh eels! Live kitchen is installed in the middle of the restaurant and you can make sure for your eyes that they’re taking good care of the hygiene! I will be freaking out if they don’t.
The bombs!

One thing that makes their Grand Indonesia outlet stands out above their PIK Avenue outlet is the fact that they now have HOT KITCHEN, and that means they now have more food choices and they can serve you guys “made-to-order” food so freshness guaranteed!

As what I’ve mentioned earlier, the restaurant applies the ‘one price’ concept so everything that you’ll be having here (or I had here) is going to be IDR 15k (before tax), it’s seriously very affordable. It’s like having Japan’s very own Kura Zushi with taste that fits local’s palate. Overall Sushi Go! offers around 100+ menus that ranges from Appetizer, Sushi, Salad, Sashimi, Gunkan, Maki, Rolls, Desserts with FREE Ocha (Japanese green tea) and condiments on the table. 

Fried Salmon Skin – IDR 25k
To be completely frank I think their Fried Salmon Skin is among my favorite ones in town for how perfectly cooked it is, also the fat, chunky, juicy texture to the addicting salty flavor of it! I literally couldn’t stop munching it from that first bite!

Salmon Carpaccio – IDR 40k
Softly torched (aka Aburi) salmon drenched in soysauce seasoning! I love how fresh the salmon was along with that soft-silky texture, and mayo dressing for flavor enhancement!

My lunch spread that day!

Gyudon Cheese Spicy Mayo – IDR 50k
Japanese rice topped with fragrant and seasoned sliced beef, fluffy onsen egg, cheese and spicy mayo. A combo that just can’t go wrong! This dish is packed with playful flavor, you get the savory from the beef and spicy mayo, additional flavor from the cheese, but altogether is a beautiful balance!

Spicy Tori Ramen with Garlic Chive – IDR 40k

Lately I have been seeing more and more dry ramen creations in Japanese restaurant and here’s a successful one in my opinion! This reminds me a lot of Sushi Hiro’s dry ramen for the rich, sweet, savory, butterfy flavor, generous topping, and that onsen tamago for extra creaminess!

Salmon Bomb – IDR 15k/plate

Aburi Beef Salmon Bomb – IDR 15k/plate
Fusion sushi of beef and salmon topped with mayo!

Thank you for being consistent with your quality and for that I have this faith for success ahead! Sushi Go is still my go to restaurant for those affordable sushi that’s align with the good quality, just DELICIOUS! Good job and best of luck!
Sushi Go!
Foodprint Grand Indonesia
Grand Indonesia 5th fl.
Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 – 2358 0010
Opening hours: 10 AM-10 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 200k
Dresscode: none