I have heard that Tanpopo has improved its performance, because quite frankly, my very first visit wasn’t exactly the most memorable, but you know what? Even as soon as I revisited Tanpopo and the moment I arrived after the last time, the vibe itself was quite different in a good way, but not sure why, but anyway, here for the food!

As I am typing this blog post, Tanpopo just recently opened a new outlet in Pluit (across Pluit Village), but I went to their original outlet in Gandaria, which is located not too far from Gandaria City. For those who are not familiar with the brand, Tanpopo focuses in serving Izakaya Japanese cuisine in forms of teppanyaki, yakiniku, suki, shabu-shabu and hamayaki, altogether in this Japanese food stall space where you can access the options easily, and not to mention, the live open kitchen.

GOOD NEWS for my Muslim friends, Tanpopo is 100% halal and besides beef, guests can enjoy selections of chicken and seafood too! For health watchers out there, they don’t cook their food with MSG here.

Hamayaki Karubi (IDR 25k), Hamayaki Momo Teriyaki (IDR 15k), Hamayaki Squid (IDR 25k)
Angus Tenderloin in the making…

Grilled Chicken

The chicken was quite tender, properly cooked but it was the white sauce that’s really giving more flavor as well as enhancing it.

Angus Tenderloin
Dice-cut Angus beef served with garlic chips, sauteed vegetables and drenched in creamy white sauce!

Teppanyaki USDA Short Ribs – IDR 45k
This one happens to be one of their best sellers and one of my personal favorite too: thinly sliced tender beef with sauteed vegetable on the side, gracefully seasoned, savory goodness with a hint of sweet, overall tasty.
Teppanyaki Beef Chunk – IDR 55k

Okay, here’s where things got different compared to my last visit: THEY NOW INSTALL charcoal grill on the table for communal grill, where on their early days they used the personal grill which was super inconvenient due to the amount of smoke it produced and right off the dinner, the smell of grill smoke was all over me, good job on that!

More to that, more new menus, like this large sukiyaki pot to share. I love the sweet tasty soup! The broth was really meaty, savory with the right amount of sweetness infused! The beef was fatty but I found it to be the rightest for this kind of serving (due to the melting fat giving more flavor), and you will also find various veges too.

Some cuts and slices that I had for yakiniku that night: USDA Short Ribs (IDR 35k), Angus Tenderloin (IDR 80k), Basil Chicken. I recommend that thee Angus Tenderloin is sliced before cooked because if you cook it in full, it will take more time to cook and it will firmer in texture! As for the carefully sliced short ribs, no problemo!

The chicken, if you cook it right (and FYI do cook chicken longer because you can’t have it half-cooked), it can be properly tender, so when it comes to yakiniku, my answer will and always be depending on how you cook it, but I think the base proteins are fresh enough!
The price tag for the proteins and dishes are affordable, and I think Tanpopo is the kind of place that you go to get your Japanese food craving fulfilled, along with the affordable price tag and friendly vibe, but do note that you go here not to get the best meat/the most premium meat, what you pay is what you get.

Tanpopo Japanese Izakaya Yatai

Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda No. 99E
Arteri Pondok Indah (across Gandaria City)
Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan
0877 – 7758 – 3858
Opening hours: 6 PM-12 AM
Average spending for two: IDR 250k
Dresscode: casual


Map for Tanpopo Jakarta