Not long after KFC shook us with their KFC Chochicks, Texas Fried Chicken just recently launched their newest product and one that I’m highly excited about but don’t make me compare this to KFC’s because both are totally different in terms of concept and flavor, but since I am a classic savory guy who loves to pair my chicken with rice, so this might be the one that fits my preference better.

It’s the TEXAS CHICKEN SAMBAL IJO! The set meal of one chicken (you can choose) + rice + drink = IDR 29.090+, such an affordable lunch that I had earlier today. Extra sambal ijo = IDR 6,5k/cup

Okay quick verdict: have seen the teasers on their Instagram and when they mention ‘sambal ijo’ the one that I had in mind is that it better be having that signature sambal ijo flavor, or at least Padang like sambal ijo because I guess that’s my kind of sambal ijo, and thank God it did! Even though it might not be as thick as what I had in mind and a tad salty (but that’s a good thing as it’s another reason to have more rice). I guess this was my first time that I actually didn’t pair my fried chicken with chilli sauce and rely on the green chilli for extra flavor!

Quick trivia: do you know that Texas Chicken also has their secret menu that’s only known by loyal regular customers: deep fried Ati (chicken liver)/Ampela (chicken gizzard)? Oh the ampela is so good and they managed to deep fried it perfectly, might be the one that’s also more to the hygienic side.

Holyshit writing this at 12 AM and got me super hungry now will defo have this delivered for lunch tomorrow damnittttttt!!!

Their first Indonesian flavor chicken product definitely works for my palate, I hope this marks the start of their ‘rebirth’, they never die but they’re now realizing how important it is to refresh the brand and the products! Best of success ahead!!!