HELLO GUYS! Guess what? I miss you!

I just came back from my short Bali trip (but a very fun one!) and it was the kind of trip I’ve always wanted: all chill. If you notice (and follow me) I didn’t do a lot of Instagram Stories updates, not obligated by myself to even post pictures (didn’t even do a lot of picture taking). I stayed at the Four Seasons Jimbaran the entire trip and it was as always, a delightful experience! It’s one of my favorite resorts in Bali and it’s always nice to spend a few nights in the retreat, short to say I just love to splurge myself with a little luxury.
I have always wanted to go to The Slow because some of my friends told me to, and I did, hence this post! The Slow is a hotel and a restaurant that’s located at the happening Canggu area and even though the restaurant was not as spacious as what I expected, I was seriously down for the interior design and vibe of this place: minimalist, hipster, homey, industrial, raw, earthy, chic and altogether pretty!
This dog kept on hanging around where my table was but I guess it belongs to the owner (maybe?)
I was just having my big lunch at Folie Kitchen (which also located in Canggu) but too excited to try out The Slow so I of course had to eat but didn’t order a lot. These following Extraction (some kind of  bottled mocktail and juice) are complimentary from the house, super love the packaging idea and they were refreshing, thank you!
Pretty much what I ordered for my second lunch that day, I customized the Lemon Squash (IDR 45k) (at the back) as I wanted something sour and fresh that time but it’s off the menu. Quick scan of their menu and I notice the food here is mainly the fusion of Western and Asian cuisine, beautiful concept and exotic at the same time.
Cassava Splinter – IDR 40k
A simple fried cassava with homemade mayo pairing, love how it’s beautifully cooked without being oily, but overall it’s just a simple fried cassava and nothing special.

Korean Fried Cauliflower – IDR 75k

I first had this kind of KFC at Yardbird Hong Kong so when they actually had this menu I was tempted to try. I honestly expected more from this, the cooking alone was nice, but the seasoning and overall flavor kick was just not bold enough. I kinda expected that saucy, salty, juicy burst on each bite but that’s not the case.

Little Colonel Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich – IDR 120k

I LOVE the presentation of this sandwich and the simplicity of it, just very cute, however, again the issue for me was the flavor and seasoning of this dish, maybe it’s the case of me expecting too much but when I heard buttermilk chicken sandwich I expected crunchy coated chicken with juicy meat, bold kick of flavor, mayo, aioli, with diced pickle (well they did have pickle but not diced), instead this was very mild, mainly sour, just now how I was looking forward, might work for some, but not for me.

Heard the owner also own a clothing line with store located just beside the main restaurant and it featured minimalist (mostly loose) outfits like the followings…
…and room tour! Going to do an in-depth room tour on a next post I guess, but giving you guys sneak preview of their pool suite, again, so VIBEY, tropical, Bohemian and absolutely comfortable. Hint: do get the pool suite (just because…) and there’s no TV in any of their suites.
Thank you guys for reading! I hope you guys are having a wonderful New Year’s eve!!! OMG really we’re about to enter 2018 soon? Damn… time flies!

The Slow
Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No. 97
Canggu – Kuta Utara
Bali 80361
0361 – 2099 000
Opening hours: 7 AM-11 PM
Average spending for two: IDR 300k
Dresscode: casual

Map for The Slow