A couple of days ago I paid a visit to Mandiri Pekan Raya Indonesia at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) BSD which is still running until November 5th 2017, the event was divided to different categories but of course I focused more (and more interested) on the Kuliner Indonesia Kaya and Warung Indonesia Kaya where it’s all about food and cooking!
Prior exploring the tenants on the event and what they have in store I joined the cooking class with chef Mega Lestary at Warung Indonesia Kaya and she demonstrated one of my favorite meals: AYAM GORENG SAMBAL MATAH (Sambal Matah Fried Chicken)! The kind of fried chicken that we aimed for was the non-battered version, hence the lack of crunch but still very fragrant and juicy, read more for tips!

The cooking class is brought in collaboration with Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation and KokikuTV which is my favorite local YouTube cooking channel (check out the channel here) and Chef Mega Lestary happened to be one of the regular talents of the video series alongside Yuda Bustara. They’ve kindly prepared everything for the cooking class: ingredient, utensils, etc, and I’ll share the freakin recipe for you here! Here are the ingredients that you need to prepare to make the sambal matah!
Sambal Matah Ingredients
1. Shallots
2. Garlic
3. Lime
4. Orange Leaves
5. Chili
6. Salt
7. Pepper
8. Chicken Stock Powder
9. Oil

 The chicken was already boiled before we fried it so short to say the protein’s totally safe!
 …don’t forget to marinate the chicken with blended garlic, salt, pepper and lime
 …then wait for around 10-15 minutes for the marination to absorb in the chicken and you can chop the shallot, garlic, chili (depending on how spicy you like it), and orange leaves, after that put all the chopped ingredients to a plate, heat the oil just for a moment (medium heat around 30 seconds) to let the oil hot enough to be dressed on the chopped ingredient, then stir evenly – technically you already got your sambal matah!
  Pan fried the chicken, you can cut it the way you want to, but I personally like smaller cuts! Quick tip: don’t turn the chicken too often because it will then let go of the juice.
 Here is Tere’s creation, mine’s ugly af because I didn’t do any plating and just mix the chicken and sambal matah together, and the recipe actually works! The sambal matah did taste good and the chicken was beautifully seasoned and tender, maybe that’s because it’s me who did the cooking? *ahem*
I once wrote about the launching of Kuliner Indonesia Kaya, which is the birthchild of Bakti Budaya Djarum Foundation and Aku Cinta Makanan Indonesia where they have the archives of Indonesian food recipe! Read more -> HERE
They’re also on YouTube, go subscribe to them -> HERE
The culinary section of Mandiri Pekan Raya Indonesia is filled with a lot of tenants overall serving pretty much a wide variety of cuisine, starting from the rather old school aka legend like Es Kopi Tak Kie, Martabak Kubang Hayuda, Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih to the more modern aka ‘kekinian’ one like the trending mango juice, thai tea and more! The event is still running until November 5th and that means you still have around one week to go here and indulge on whatever they have in store, one thing that I can guarantee you (and with options that many) you’ll go home with happy tummy or you’re too full to get on the car and go back (lol).
Scroll down to see some of my findings from the event!

First things first, to purchase from most of the tenants here you’ll need this card for transaction, but some tenants at the certain part of the fair accept cash.

Kopi Es Tak Kie
We might never really know who’s the first to invent ‘Kopi Susu’, but it’s a fact that they’re one of the longest survivors in the business! Long before ‘Kopi Susu’ becomes a trending drink that it is now, Kopi Es Tak Kie came to scene and this has become their best selling menus since 1927 (90 freaking years can you imagine!!!), if you’re a first timer to this, first of all where have you been?  Don’t expect the more ‘artisan’ palate like Tuku or the current, theirs is very classic, literally old school style where brewed coffee meets condensed milk, none from that espresso machine and I am liking this one.
Es Kopi Susu – IDR 27.5k
Good crowd that Saturday
 The ‘kekinian’ Bakso Boedjangan spotted
 Nasi Goreng Kebon Sirih, so famous I don’t even need to introduce, even just by looking at this large pile of rice I know right away that this belongs to them, it’s kinda their signature.

 Jambo Kupi

Being the fan of coffee that I am I decided to try this Aceh coffee from Jambo Kupi (IDR 25k) and honestly pretty similiar to Tak Kie only I like Tak Kie a little more. Here they also sell mouthwatering food such as Lontong Sayur Rendang, Roti Cane, Roti Srikaya, Martabak Aceh and more!
Martabak Kubang Hayuda
The one who’s famous for their martabak and roti cane!
Toko Oen
The legendary Toko Oen is also here! They’re well known for their cakes, risoles, and of course Lumpia Semarang that I found not only delicious and GENEROUS with the filling!

Bebek Goreng Sinjay
For those who fancy fried ducks, then rest assure as Bebek Goreng Sinjay is also here, two years ago was my first encounter with Bebek Goreng Sinjay and I literally drove early all the way from Surabaya to Madura just to have their iconic fried duck!

Ceker geprek
Roasted corn
Gudeg’s best companion (in my opinion): SAMBAL KRECEK!
 Mie Godog!
Nasi Goreng Apotik Jaya (Apjay)
I have been an avid fan of their Kebuli fried rice for so many years and their small stall in Panglima Polim is almost always crowded at night, and I would happily recommend this to you at least to try once, their fried rice is rich with that signature Kebuli fragrance that’s herb-like! Quick tip: order the fried rice and noodle mix, make it spicy and add sunny side up/scrambled egg. Foodgasm guaranteed!
Right after the savory goodness we definitely need sweet desserts as the closure! I highly recommend the ‘Es Dawet Ireng’ with durian/avocado (IDR 33k) – coconut milk, black cendol, generous durian/avocado topping then dressed with liquid palm sugar! It’s creamy, sweet, very Durian-like (if you know what I mean).

…or if you like something that’s a bit more ‘kekinian’ and fruit based, then opt for this Dragonfruit-Mango juice combo that’s perfect for sharing (large cup), looks mouthwatering *gulp*

If only my stomach is a bottomless pit I would really try every single one of the tenants here, but really gluttons out there should come to Warung Indonesia Kaya and indulge on the wide variety of F&B that they have in store, again, until November 5th 2017!!!